Our Msc Accounting And Finance Courses: Students' View

Money runs world so finance it’s essential for the world to operate safely and efficiently for somebody studying in finance there are opportunities in every industry and I wanted to study at a top 10 University University of us it’s beautiful and it’s modern the life here and the study here is just what we want at the beginning of the.

Year we have had a lot of meetings with companies they are evaluating your skills how you work how you think how you express yourself it.

Felt more confident with ourselves the facility provides by bus is really good especially the library is 24/7 my dissertation supervisor has been an investment banker for almost 25 years so he has taught me a lot the.

Staff are really friendly really helpful and informative and they were happy to answer any of the questions we have met a lot of people from different countries and different backgrounds it is really helpful because every recruiter.

Every company is looking for teamwork the career support in the university is really helpful they teach you how to deal with.

Companies how to deal with interview they help us practice the questions that we.

Will likely get in a real life interview I think the most important part is the abilities and the skills and the knowledge you learned here when you face the real career you have you need to be always prepared the courses give me all the necessary knowledge that I need and also it’s changed me personally to learn different knowledge for others you.