Canon Ef 50mm F1.4 Usm Lens Sample Photos

Hi guys so as promised here’s some sample images from the 50-millimeter 1.

4 Canon lens and it will give you a white sample of images from my past shoots to give you an idea what this lens can achieve here’s one from a fashion show it’s a fairly dark in the catwalk and the stage so I saw this at one.
Unedited photos as they came out the camera and you can see is a.

Widest aperture the nice background blur here’s a few more of the guys as they came out there’s a few select enemy just good thing about these images are you can even crop them cuz then you get rid of the crowd so here you can see the great background blur on that now there even though there’s people in the way out one of.

Them took a picture of his camera to show the lighting in the background and in between the shows they have a break so there’s a stun set up so here’s some portraits with the Canon 50 millimeter one point for a.

Few shots of the stands and then the show start against this another segment.
And again here you can see the quality of the lens in here optics and great.

Shot so that was low down so it’s got a pointing upward so and.

You can see there it’s getting the crowd in as well so if that’s needed they will have a shot list don’t you know what you need to shoot so make sure you get all the right shots over here.

Yeah so 50 millimeter backstage shots here a few to show you the background poker and use the details you can achieve with this silence and here’s one for loses control fashion block guarded and this one is gonna be something you can use for portraits so you.

Can see here it’s a great portrait lens but this is actually shot with the 1.8 cannon so just give you a comparison in terms of image quality there’s not a big difference.

Between the two lenses so if you’ve got a 1.

8 lens you’ll find the plastic in a 50/50 and you can see it’s great it’s just the fun and feel and what you think.

Feels right so the 50 millimeter I’ve got the 1.4 I prefer that but this one’s here we’re taking with the 1.8 just to give you an idea so again lovely shots and they can be cropped and in the description you can see a link to the work this is for loses control fashion blog it was a lookbook that we just did for them so there you go that’s an overview of some of those I’ve got a few more shots here that I can show you this.

Is of a PPIC melech origin 1.4 nicely isolates from the background so if you entire situation like for example here with the crowd shots getting the atmosphere shots then you can see this lens can kind of bring out the the subject nicely from the background.

And this is a guy just dancing away in the crowd there and you can see the background blur is nice and the focal range is good as.2 it’s not big difference to be fair you’ll see a lot of reviews online the bulk is very similar to the 1.2 and you can achieve this with the 1.4 here at a lower price obviously so if you wanna make sure this lens is on your list because this.

Is coming to bring out some quality images for you again here this is a photographic society she added and you can see Birmingham library in the background and again there nice background blur brings the subjects out nice and clean and it kind.

Of brings your attention to them there’s another fun image I’ve got here of the Apple zombie guys because all some bees are Apple users and you can see again.

There they’ve got the background blur nicely and a few more here just to kind of show you the detail of the image so here you can see I’ve isolated the individual in the middle and you should.

Dressed as a zombie for that zombie event and you can see the clarity of the image there inside the glass is how good you can see and the color rendition and obviously the raw image shot from the camera it’s not me and it’s done to this year so there you go.

That’s giving you an overview of some of those and what.

You can also use the lens for is.

I use it for light painting where I actually open it up wide this was taken on f11 just to give you an idea of.

How it performs from obviously the 1.4 to the higher ranges so f11 here used my led young neo 300 light where a wave dip and in.

A long exposure on a tripod and this was for my pundits it’s for a respirable project that they wanted done so here you can see these images and just.

To give you an idea of that so there you go sample photos okay.