Best Couples Halloween Costume Ideas!

Since Halloween is literally like a week away I thought it would be a lot of fun if we looked at some of the best couples costumes I’ve never worn a couples costume before I don’t think no ever done it maybe this year will be the year right one here it’s mystery toes you know it’s not too complicated but.
I feel like people would definitely.

Get the picture with this you know they got a little bit of like cheese powder on their arms although it’s kind of a simple idea I appreciate how accurately they represented the Doritos I would.

Rate this costume 10 out of 10 second one struck by lightning so the guy here is the lightning bolt and then the girl is the one that was struck by lightning job creator I could never think of costumes like this the majority of my Halloween years.
Have been either a cat a vampire or like a.

Pumpkin that’s about it this is a very creative one that I never would have thought of myself you want to be lightning then.

Get your significant other to be struck by lightning and then you’ll be like the ultimate duo it’ll be great these guys here are silent film stars a hundred percent in black and white so they’re taking it to the next level I never ever ever would have thought of good any of these costumes we.

Also got Popeye and all of here I love how he’s carrying can if I can of spinach I’m getting guests that it’s a can of spinach just as Popeye real cute honestly one of my favorite this is eight google maps costume you know you like put into google maps you can like pick like point A and point.

B they’re the little points and then they have like the street intersections on their shirts this is my favorite one so far like hands-down my favorite just because it’s.

So insanely random and like I’ve never ever ever ever ever ever seen this cost you before this is truly truly original and I think it deserves like five thousand.
Rounds of apply this just it’s.

Really good ok so these guys are Acrobat they kind of took the play on words and made it a crow bat so they’re like they’re like bats but they’re still Acrobat they just added a.

Little bit of like that flair to it you know I don’t think anything I’m saying is making sense but you get the point number seven pac-man and mrs. pac-man ah dorable I don’t know how they made like the little I’m guessing those are like cardboard boxes and they kind of like cut it like that but they’ve got a great job again like just really cute costumes that I would never think of how do these.

People think of these cost if they’re doing so much better than me so so much better we also have here mr.

Be a super easy one cuz all you really gotta do is get some boss tears just a dress it’s something that’s like maybe a little bit Fox color it so like yellow brown and then they just drew like fur on.

Their faces so this is a very low budget low effort costume and those are always my cup of tea I always go for those costumes that’s why I’ve been a cat and like a vampire.

So many times cuz you only really need a couple things for a vampire you see the teeth then you can just wear all black if you like I’m a vampire and.