07 | Don't Worry If I Write Rhymes, I Write Checks – The Auzenne Podcast

What’s going on everybody if you follow me on YouTube which I don’t blame me if you don’t because I in frickin whip those post-its like I am with this podcast but things will definitely be picking up I started a series something about how like I find lyrics in rap that can help with business and it kind of helped.

Me out my business my side never took any business classes really in school and I do read a lot of books and.

Live online watching other videos and stuff but the core of my knowledge when.

It comes to business can be found in rap weather I mean I know what there’s like people out there that think a certain thing about rap but if you’re to take their like when they mention drugs and turn it into sneakers or shirts or hats or even a service that’s what applies because a lot of the ones like Rick Ross 50 cent jay-z and the one.

I’m of talk about today Oh Debbie I mean even all think didn’t really.

Sold drugs I liked what other ones you know they did they use some of those.

Same tactics to bring it into the corporate world and it’s really worked for.

Them so the one I want to do in and what I’m doing is I’m making this into a podcast thing now because it’s a little bit more intimate and can get the point across and I’ll have to worry about visuals and all that kind of stuff and I can just get it out so it was a YouTube thing but I think I’ll make it more of.

A podcast thing now see how it goes so this is a recap really I already made a video I’ll link.

To the video I did but it’s kind of the same thing I did the blog post to but now I started put it in the podcast form.

So what I want to talk about today like I said I mentioned Diddy one of his never except went over my head as a kid and we always mentioned it but it really didn’t hit me so.

I got a little bit older probably like 18 19 and the lyric was don’t worry if I.

Write Rhymes I write checks and it started to hit me especially I guess the 1819 understood it but it wasn’t it’s not I put it into practice until about a year or so ago and I just want to break that down.

And show how that can relate to lyrics I’m it’s a business forgive me yeah click it’s known.
That Diddy he’s used ghost writers his whole life I mean.

His whole rap career pretty much like he’s more than an artist.

She’s more of an entertainer he’s not like really a recording artist and we all know him from being a producer a marketer and a businessman more than a rapper so he gets people write lyrics for him and he just performs the show he performs like he he’s not worried about writing his.

Runs he’s worried about being the owner of Bad Boy Entertainment he’s more valuable and going out and finding fresh talent and find a ways to grow the brand morning is sit there write his own lyrics and why should he worry about writing rhymes if he’s getting his his self and the company to a point where.

They can write checks and stick to me is like I didn’t really get that most most creatives don’t get that because like most creatives treat the project like it’s their baby they’re afraid to let somebody else do it or afraid to get help most of the time and.

I noticed it going through school where all the school all the projects were here go do this and work on yourself if you get help from somebody else we’re disqualifying you you’re getting the F and that’s a bad way to.

Go but is when you learn when you get into the real world you’re not working on your project – if you want to get to that next level if you really want to make money as it creative you get to learn how to delegate and let somebody else do some things I mean people that are better than you at what you.

Do instead of wasting time trying to learn.

A skill that you may have serious trouble with or it’s not.

Even a waste of time because you can learn the skill but in the meantime you can get somebody else to help you out and do that test until you get some point we can do it.

But even then you’ll understand the task so you know how to hire the right person and you get to the point where.

You can grow your business and stop being just a freelancer or just an artist you’re.

Moreover owner yet here in the didy state.

Because Steve Jobs he didn’t do the coding for iOS or OSX he hired the right people to do that for him and he grew the business he sold Apple and came up with overall ideas and hired the right people to do Phil.

Knight didn’t make any Nike shoes again even though we all know they go to the sweatshops out in China and get a maid out there the fact.

Is he doesn’t sit there and build the shoes himself because they wouldn’t be a billion.

Dollar company if he did because the problem the problem the process of putting the shoes together is a long process and he wouldn’t be able to grow the business if he.

There design picking the shoes and even designing the shoes by himself inside of hiring the right people Jerry Jones didn’t drill the holes for his oil company and he hasn’t plated down for the Dallas Cowboys but we all know how big he is and I don’t have to explain the whole thing about playing football because he’s.

Owner of the team but the oil company allowed him to make that money and do all these other busy fish that he’s in but if he was worried about playing football don’t worry about being.

Out there in the coal mines letting that pride take over him he wouldn’t be where he is right now owners a business they don’t hide the fact that they hire other people to do these certain tasks so why is that why is that the case when it.

Comes to creators why is it so hard to let somebody else like.

You come up with the logo or you come up with the storyboards for an animation you with another animator do it or you live another designer come up and.

Actually put the piece together how come you can’t come up with the script for something.

And hire somebody else to direct it or shoot it knowing that is still yours because their plan is to develop.

A plan hire the right people and oversee the whole operation while bringing in new business and it took me like from personal experience my two best professors when I was in college.

Were people who didn’t know how to work after effects or anything one and I mean one was Patti Smith she was an art director and a whole bunch of Turner networks in Atlanta for like 25 years she didn’t know her way around Photoshop she.