My Thoughts On Edward Avila And Korean Beauty Standards

If you came to this video hoping that I was going to bash Edward I’m sorry to disappoint you this video isn’t necessarily about Edward as is highlighting things that are wrong with society so Edward I’m sorry to use you as my scapegoat but I want to look into this video he made I want to start off with the.

First point of me not really knowing kpop I used to be a huge kpop fan and I kind of fell out of it and if you know me even.

More you probably know that I don’t really with youtubers in Korea that often I have a few friends here and there but really I prefer to keep to myself I don’t like going to a lot of YouTube meetups I don’t like meeting a lot of other youtubers I’m not interested in their channels to be very honest the fact that I know what’s going on not only in kpop but in Korea YouTube is.

Pretty amazing considering I am very not involved in either of those topics you know I like watching youtubers in America more which is why I might reference a lot of them throughout this video and to kick us off I’m going to organize this video in the typical American drama channel style so I want.

To go ahead and start with our first part of this video so if you’re unaware of the issue that is happening right now basically there’s this Idol who is 15 years old.

So she’s basically being body shamed for her weight and she’s being told that she’s too fat for the kpop group she’s too fat for life like she is not worthy because she is back now unless one of the top couple Google searches came up with an actual accurate.

Representation of her weight listed there in an exact number of kilograms or pounds I’m not gonna go and try to analyze her weight however just by looking at her she seems to be in a healthy weight range so I don’t really understand what the issue is ahead of time she’s a 15 year old girl she’s in a healthy weight range or so it seems I could be wrong.

So that should end the argument right there and that is.

The reason I didn’t make the initial video on this drama because I.

Figured she’s a 15 year old girl so what if she weighs more than her other Idol people my life doesn’t depend on the weight of another woman but after hearing Edwards arguments like I said it brought up a.

Lot of good points for us to delve into this issue into society as a whole so throughout the video Edward does make a couple good points he brings up the fact that some girl told him that he doesn’t.

Have the right to talk about this because he is not a woman he doesn’t understand women and I agreed that that’s weight is not a woman’s specific issue men.
Can be overweight men can be underweight women can be.

Overweight women can be underweight women and men can have many issues with their weight coming from a smaller youtuber who has made somewhat controversial videos in the past I know from.

Firsthand experience that if you need to defend yourself for more than maybe 30 seconds at the start of a video you should maybe reconsider making the video or reconsider your arguments because if you’re spending that much time trying to clarify that you’re not a.

Bad person maybe the video is gonna paint you as a bad person and even does that typical YouTube thing where he does that little aside where he’ll be like what’s so about you’re a terrible person you’re so ugly terrible I mean I’ve done that in the past too but.

You know what it really boils down to you being somewhat sure you’re wrong and that your argument is week and like I said I know from firsthand experience if my argument was strong enough I wouldn’t have to clarify it and an aside or whatever but I understand that I do do that as.

Well so I’m guilty too but I’m just saying when you’re talking about a video about somebody’s appearance and being out there in society and a public figure you shouldn’t have the right to.

Call them out on that when you’re also being somewhat insecure with your arguments or so it comes off as now one of the biggest issues I have with this specific issue is the fact that when people seem to be bringing up this drama of her weight I keep seeing the same three.

Or four photos or videos of this girl again and again and again now here’s the thing is in Edwards video he cuts it maybe a hundred times in one video which shows that he has control of the camera and he has control of what he’s putting out on the internet and he even admits that he’s going to cut the video so many times also this videos gonna be kind.

Of something really scripted and there’s gonna be a lot of cuts because he doesn’t want to be misunderstood and he wants to be taken seriously and that he doesn’t want people to misconstrue what he’s saying every.

Youtuber does it we all do it however the problem is is when you’re an idol and you’re on stage and you have 500 fan cameras.

And people taking videos of you and you’re on the like kpop TV shows and stuff you have no control of the image you are giving people this is where I’m gonna bring up popular youtuber Shane Dawson like I said I love me my American youtubers if you don’t know Shane.

Dawson he has a huge youtuber but even he has admit in the past that he has turned down some huge opportunities because of the fact that he’s insecure because US youtubers are in control so that’s where that issue comes in and where I think the hypocrisy lies in his video where he is literally.

Controlling and editing and touching up his photos.

And his videos and he gets to say okay before it goes out on the Internet but I know that I have had some terrible photos taken of me by my friends who love to take photos at every single moment I delete footage I don’t like I refilm videos I don’t look good enough in I touch.

Up my photos on Instagram I admit that no it does get lost in translation and yeah people do assume things about me I have.

A whole complex about people assuming about me like I’m sure every youtuber does however we have more control of how our physical appearance is on the internet then a k-pop idol will because most of the time they don’t control their own social media then you can’t control.

The fan cams they’re just thrown out into the world and people can take photos of them at any given moment so when I.

See photos of this girl and it tends to be the same couple of photos I’m really not impressed with the argument that she’s fat or she’s ugly or anything unless she can beat my extensive album of ugly photos of.

Myself I’m pretty sure she’s not as bad as those photos come out to be I should really not.

You can see photos and videos of her on the internet where she looks like any other lovely young Idol one point of his video that really seemed to get.

Under my skin and kind of pissed me off was the argument he made of her being a product of her company he says something along the lines of wanting.

That she should have high market value and I really don’t like comparing a person to the stock market now I can’t completely shoot down this argument because here’s the.

Thing is idols are a product of an entertainment company it’s true everything you know about your favorite idols is most likely an illusion however you can argue the same about YouTube we are products of our YouTube channels if you know.

Me personally I’m not the same person as you might see on the internet.

And I’m sure Edward isn’t either we have our own lives we have our own struggles that we don’t talk about on YouTube – well you did her dirty but it did her dirty saying that she was done dirty by her company I.

Don’t think is a fair argument even though.

I’m not some person’s ideal type I’ll be somebody else’s ideal type whoever’s watching this you’re probably not somebody’s ideal type but you’ll be somebody else’s ideal type just because you don’t fit the typical mold of someone doesn’t mean you won’t be somebody’s ideal type now if you don’t.

Know me I full-time student at a pretty good university in South Korea and it happens to be a woman’s university meaning that I see hundreds of women on a daily basis pretty much collected into one spot at one time there.

In my classes there in the chapel there around campus and I can tell you that not all Korean women are built or looked the.

Seen fat Korean girls I’ve seen skinny Korean girls I’ve seen chubby Korean girls I’ve seen really tall Korean girls and really short korean girls so when we get into the argument of representation i just want to raise the slight argument or.

What is one slightly chubbier k-pop idol going.

Do to the industry she is not coming in with a torch and a pitchfork intending to burn down k-pop.

Idols she’s not saying all k-pop idols have to be ugly or something she’s just being herself and she’s very beautiful and I think.

Maybe she’s a little chubbier than the regular Idol but I think her body is normal and if you go to a woman’s university you start to realize that yeah the kpop and Korean media portrays Koreans in a certain light that really doesn’t reflect.

On the society as a whole if you came to my University you would see a wide range and diversity of women so giving women something realistic to try to aim for I don’t see as a bad thing her company didn’t do her dirty she’s talented if she wasn’t talented she wouldn’t have made it into the company in the first place there are thousands of women who would probably love to be in that spot there are probably women who may be.

Seeing better and dance better than her but the company deemed her as good.