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Introducing armored brush a revolutionary new toothbrush that brushes your teeth automatically in just 10 seconds armored brush was designed to make your teeth brushing experience more efficient it’s super easy to handle the magnetic connection between the mouth and handpiece allow you to easily swap mouthpieces between different family members the toothpaste foam is too limpid through the mouthpiece directly.

To your teeth afterwards the mouthpiece vibrates in order to oscillate the bristles you can save up to 100 days of your life just by using armored.
Brush antibacterial silicon kills 99.

Of bacteria it uses the recommended tooth brushing method by dentists the low voltage technology saves a lot of energy each time you brush your teeth it uses the perfect amount of toothpaste automatically and armor brush is waterproof and works with braces and dental prosthesis with armor brush even those nights when you’re exhausted from work it’ll be easier than ever to brush quickly so you can continue to take care of your teeth I’m a brush the world’s first automatic toothbrush a.

Pop socket is an expanding piece of magic that sticks to any device pop sockets will improve your experience with your phone or tablet by providing secure comfortable grips for texting with your friends snapping high-quality photographs taking stable one-handed selfies playing games and reading a book or shopping on your tablet pop sockets serve as convenience stands for reading your text and emails chatting with your friends by video watching your favorite clips on YouTube.

And surfing the web pop sockets can be repositioned again and again if they get dirty you can rinse their bottoms to make them strong again pop sockets.

Convert large phones into one-handed devices by allowing your thumb to move around to the front of the phone where it belongs with pop sockets you’ll never drop your phone again you.

Can use a pair of prop sockets to clip your phone to your laptop screen for convenient or to keep your earbuds untangled and ready when you need them you can even use a pop socket to mount your phone on your dashboard with our pop clip companion products your pop socket will snap easily into your fob clip not just in the car buts on nearly any vertical surface one pop.

On your dash one as your office one in the kitchen and one in the crapper will make you a better happier person our pop sockets addictive yes a team.
Of Swedish neurologists is currently.

Searching for a cure this is a q-ball it’s a hard rubber reaction ball with a moderately erratic bounce that means if I bounce it to waist height it’ll deflect up to 18 inches horizontally forces me to watch and.

Bounce but it’s not too erratic I don’t have to chase it all over the room so I can bounce the.

Ball really quickly faster I go the more challenging it is but it also keeps me at the best of my ability and keeps.

My brain fully focused my mind wanders I’m.

Going to drop this ball there are two core elements are exercises to be done using the cue ball the first is called bouncing catch you take one or two cue balls and you bounce them to waist height alternating hands as you go if you try to go as fast as you can you count how many bounces you can do in.

60 seconds to keep track of how you’re progressing it trains I hand coordination.

Vision and reaction time the faster the better the next exercise trains peripheral vision if you think.

About it the center of our vision the one we used to read with is really quite small everything else.

Is peripheral vision so we can train that we expand our visual awareness there’s very little on the market that will do that but the cue ball does it really fast and efficiently and that this is how it works you do the same exercise again but this time instead of watching the balls as you bounce them you fix your.

Focus on a point on the ground and you bounce the cue balls around that fixed point they’re erratic and they’re bouncing and they’re small you have to track it with your peripheral vision and catch it with your hands you know increase your.

Confidence and the ability to do that and as you do it faster and more your brain will automate that skill so you don’t have to think about it anymore you will just react and you’ll react quickly the cue ball adapts to any one skill level you can go slow or you can go fast it’ll work with children as young as five years old all the way to the elderly it’ll make driving your car a better experience you’ll be.

Able to see more of what’s going on around you if you’re an athlete you’ll be able to see hit and catch better if you’re a student or an adult you’ll just simply get better at eye hand coordination you’ll see.

Better and your reaction times will become much faster by.

Some cue balls and try these exercises you’ll be amazed at the results this is the urban X smart electric wheel and it is the only difference between your existing bike and a fully functional electric bike by simply replacing the front wheel of the bike you already own it will turn into an electric bike and take your cycling to the next level it flattens out the hills and beats down any headwinds its shortens.

Making it faster and getting to your destination without breaking a sweat urban X electric wheel fits any size and type of bike either v brake or disc brake so you.

Can enjoy the benefits of an electric bike while keeping the bike you already have it comes in either throttle version or pedal assist version the choice is yours all the components including motor battery and other electronics are well.

Contained within the wheel just a few steps of quick installation and a new electric bike is ready to ride we’ve engineered an app that lets you choose whether or not to use its features like distance and speed tracking battery life readouts and ride mapping if those aren’t for you that enjoy the wheel free from any device the innovative detachable battery makes it possible to extend your range instantly while.

The built-in USB outlet can keep your phone or other devices always charged wanna start biking to work urban X helps you arrive fresh without breaking a sweat.

Wanna ride but facing health conditions or aging issues urban X eliminates all these obstacles to help you run your daily errands want to spend more time outdoors you can now ride without worrying about up slopes or long distances with.
Speed of up to 20 miles per hour and.

The ability to travel up to 30 miles with one single battery your venture can take you further urban X is all about fun recreation freedom and accessibility our dream is to kick start the bike revolution and make cycling popular again you can be part of it together let’s make it happen oh hello there I see you’re admiring the rocket steam locomotive designed.

Stevenson and my father George Stephenson back in 1829 however marvelous as it is this is not what I’m here to talk to you about I would like to talk to you about my latest invention that happens in the future.

I’ll see you there now in the year 2017 and yes Robert Stinson is my real name in Georgia Robert Stinson really my ancestors I’ve got no idea it was just a bit of fun anyway as promised I said I’ll show you my latest invention so excuse the pun come with moon a lot most of the mechanical sex machines on the.

Market the first thing you notice is how incredibly small it is not only that the.

Hompless has a very unique arcuate motion providing.

Faster dance stroke than an upward stroke making me feel very realistic indeed ever right George wouldn’t have been allowed in my day and this is where it all started in my humble little workshop at the bottom of my garden and after the initial proof of concept professional contractor certified to ISO 9001 or above were employed to further the design and development with the brief that only the finest of.

Components and materials were to be used to ensure the end product to be of the highest quality excuse me a minute I could see smoke coming from George’s shit oh just letting off a bit of steam humph us is very compact making it very easy to store a wife it’s fully rechargeable so there’s no need for batteries it’s unisex straight or.

Gay pump us we’ll play it’s wearable making it truly hands-free it has variable speed from a gentle stroke to a full-on thrust it mimics hand or wrist movements for a natural realistic feeling well mate top quality components and materials used online ease there’s what you’re supposed to do just great what do you think now then George Robert that’s a patent you can put your own name on I already have George your support will allow us to.

Order the tooling and our first production run and any additional funds will benefit the growth and brand enabling us to bring you even more exhilarating.

Attachments for the whole purse.

Now take a look through the funding options available there are some right sightings to be packaged em on he’s just enjoying himself.