Review Cheap Activewear Brand Queenie Ke – My Honest Opinion

Have a camel toe but I just don’t worry about it actually so yes.

I think that was everything hi I am here with an update already on leggings because.

Something new the leggings have a pocket for your phone look you can put it right here it’s I don’t know if you can see it but there’s a little hole here and you can put.

Your phone in here and I really love it you can also put your key in here if you have a locker in the gym so I’m super happy that these leggings have a pocket for your phone because I don’t know it’s always useful to have a book it for your phone it isn’t super easy to get it.

In but I don’t think that’s a problem because you don’t need your phone all the.

Time I mean I do because I just never put my phone in the.

Pocket because I always write down my sets my reps and my weight in my phone so I never put it there but I am.

Use it for my key and sometimes actually I put my phone there when I am on my bike to the gym.

Or going home so I will use it but not in the gym and then here’s this t-shirt I forgot it’s not it’s not like the dry fits material it’s cotton but I don’t mind because it’s very.

Loose here on my armpits so if I sweat you can’t really see it as you can see it’s also a bit transparent but I really really like that personally and then on the back it’s also super cute here is the queen queen kiss logo and then yeah it’s just it’s right so you can wear it on everything I.

Really like it because I have a lot of different leggings like grey black blue like this one so yeah I I really like the white top because you can wear it on everything and you can also wear it like not in the gym but it’s.

It’s like it’s a bit casual so you can also wear it at home or maybe even at school if you combine it with jeans or something like that so I really loved it and I think then.

I have showed you all the clothes I’ve gotten so far from Queen Iike if you want to buy them you can find them Amazon I will leave the links in the description below and if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and subscribe and if you have any more questions leave.