Review Cheap Activewear Brand Queenie Ke – My Honest Opinion

Hi everyone so today I am doing a review its from the activewear Queen Inca I think you pronounce it like that I’m not sure these are the packages the clothes are in and I really like them by the way but this is the brand so yeah yeah I just wanted to say I really like the packages it’s beautiful.

Get it in your meal so this stop I am wearing is from premature I really like it it’s not super thick but that’s good for in the gym but.

If you want to you can also in here like this you will have to do too because otherwise it it will like this so yes I really really like the quality of this top and then I also got leggings I will show you these.

Are my leggings I love the high waisted band oh and by the way the color of the top is black with a bit of grey I think you can see it like this okay so these are the leggings they’re also pretty thick I hope you can see it yes I really love it I love it yeah I wanted to do a squirrel I.

Am not sure if you will see it I will try to show you I think they are and I also have a few Jim shark leggings and I think these are more squat proved on my gym shark leggings because my gym shark leggings are a bit see-through and also my night leggings are actually very thin through and these are not because they are very thick I also love the.

Color it’s blue also with a bit of it’s like two colors dark blue and light blue but in general it looks you can buy them on Amazon by the way and I think the sizes were also pretty good this one is a medium so they are very true to size because I most of the times a medium and sometimes small and the top is also a medium then yeah I really like the design it’s super flattering I think the only thing I would say.

Bit is that I need to watch out that I don’t have a camel so like.

If I put it a bit higher I have I can see him very clear right now but I have a camel toe.

Sometimes but I feel like I have it in most of my leggings so maybe it’s just how my leg no I am NOT.

Going to put my lightning super high so you can see my camel toe but sometimes I’m like everyone knows I’m a woman I.

Never saw it at other girls because it’s just not what I’m looking at when I see a girl in the gym so I’m.

Not really worried about that but I think you should know because I’m always honest in my reviews.

And then the prices I think the prices are amazing for this quality I really like the quality and they are cheaper than Jim shark and also cheaper than Ike I think in total for the top and for the leggings I paid 32 ounce so that’s that’s not so much and I also.

Have another tub from Queen Iike but.

Studio so I will film it later but I also really love the top so for these two things I would really recommend it so if you are looking for good and beautiful leggings and the camel toe doesn’t bother you too much or if you’re looking for it beautiful then you should really check them.

Out and also by the way I heard that to avoid a camel toe you can wear how do you call it I I’m not sure what it’s called in English but you can wear what you wear during your periods you just put it in your panties and then you don’t.