What I Wore Last Week | 6 Modest Autumn Outfits

Hi guys welcome back to the blog um I’m doing what her mother wore a navy video and yeah today I went to see Sarah and I’m heading out again now and I thought that now is a good time to share my today’s outfit and first outfit of this video so sorry I’m eating a mint or whatever you want.

To call it I’m wearing a hijab from tama dastan line sweater from Zara this random back tat my mom bought me from Italy militarist from Kappa and ten below first from H&M I really like.

This outfit I think it’s super cute and perfect for autumn but you also probably have seen this already in my tree vase to wear a midi dress in autumn video if you haven’t and you should go watch it I’m wearing a black cup.

From hidden pearls Adi does check it a tunic.

Or dress from River Island guest cheese and sneakers from little it’s about 2 p. I’m heading to work so here’s my outfit I am wearing a scarf from hidden perils ripped it as a turban turn I’m wearing his high neck top from wila check it and trousers are from.

From true story cheese and sneakers or from adidas I really liked him so it’s day.

Four already which feels kind of weird because I feel like this has been quick but yeah today I’m wearing or I was wearing I just came home from work I was.

Wearing a hijab from Jim honest online escape from Primark a cert or blouse from New Yorker – same Zara trousers that I wore yesterday same – sorry teens back as well and same little sneakers so that was my outfit of today and also it’s actually so hot right now that.

I can’t wear this anymore I’m heading out again and I’m gonna go out like this because it’s seriously so warm again it’s like ok it sounds like that warm but it’s like sunny and it’s around 17 degrees and it feels quite warm so yeah just about to head to work and yeah so this.

Is my outfit hijab is from hidden pearls and he’s some sweater dress I got as.

A summoner from Spain like last year check it is from Zara trousers from Ted Baker and sneakers from little I went back from Michael Kors oh it’s currently Saturday day 6 of this video and probably my second last outfit so today I’m wearing the same javis yesterday same jacket as well same.

Back and his tunic from H&M jeans from among guests.

And tests same sneakers that are from little it’s currently Sunday and I don’t actually have a outfit to show you today because I’ve just been at home chilling and that’s how I plan.

To go for the rest of today as well so yeah I’m.

Not going so I’m just learning some clothes today you know I wear at home just put the scarf on only for ending to.

Only six outfits this time but I don’t want to fake it either so yeah that’s just how it is I didn’t really do anything outside today anyways I hope you liked this video and tell me in the comments which outfit was your favorite and I hope to see you in my next video bye bye.