10 Worst Shark Tank Pitches Ever

Presentation until Jason began to talk numbers because the numbers were in a word non-existent jason had not been granted a patent had never sold a single body board in over the years he had sunk over a hundred and thirty thousand dollars of his own money into prototypes despite having no cash flow he was seeking a whopping quarter dollar investment for a 25% stake evaluation of well over a million dollars which he could in no way justify while most of the Sharks politely bowed out Cuban and John were utterly scornful with Cuban calling the inventor full.
Of crap and John proclaiming it the worst pitch he had ever seen on the.

Show although it seems likely that in his anger a previous pitcher too had escaped his mind new parents ivan barnes and lisa evans thought they had the next hot parenting product on their hands when they dove into the tank during season 5 called squeaky knees it consisted of a pair of squeaky pads sewn into the knees.

Of toddlers pants which both provides padding and alerts parents to their children’s whereabouts at all times it might seem like kind of a good idea at first until you think about it for about five seconds that’s roughly how long it took for her javac to realize and point out that it would take no.

Time at all for the constant incessant squeaking to become incredibly annoying ivan brushed aside the criticism by saying he found the idea endearing but when lori greiner turned the talk to numbers things got worse after three.

Long years in business the couple had managed sales of only about 500 units amounting to a paltry ten thousand dollars they attempted to defend themselves by explaining that they were full-time parents with no marketing background which didn’t do them any favors with the sharks and prompted O’Leary to speculate that perhaps they hadn’t reached their sales goals because.

Their products sucked the sharks dropped out quickly with only Daymond John remaining to the end of the pitch but the couple’s argumentative nature and poor defense of their business strategy ultimately caused him to bail as well Ryan Custer is a man who really really likes the term Cougar as it is sometimes applied to sexy older women enough so that he.

Fancied himself able to build a lifestyle brand out of it which he brought in front of the sharks in season 3 his golden idea an energy drink or lifestyle shot branded Cougar energy.

30 as you might expect it took less than a minute for his pitch to begin drawing the ire of the Sharks seeking a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for 30 percent of his company Custer tried and failed to convince the panel that the.

Concept of Cougars constituted a huge social movement as evidenced by things like the television show Cougar Town and the fact that cougar is a phrase that exists supremely unconvinced by his pitch the Sharks weren’t anymore climb to throw money at Custer after tasting the staff which Corcoran.

Proclaimed tasted like chalk and learning of the paltry sales of about sixty thousand dollars which Custer had managed over three years O’Leary pointed out that excluding men from an energy drink product made no sense and excluding women under 30 made even less and hurry avec brought down the hammer by wondering if the product wouldn’t make women.

Feel old and labeling it a gag gift it could be that the entire concept of Cougars just isn’t setting the world on fire after all erin.

Mcdaniel came in with a season six pitch that he was convinced would change the real-estate game forever a crowdfunding platform for real estate investment which he said would allow.
Small time investors to get in on hot.

Properties for as little as $1,000 barely a minute into his pitch however everything went awry as Kuban blurted out I hate it and O’Leary got a little more specific saying I smelled jail time if McDaniel thought he’d be coming away with a deal because so many of the.

Experienced real estate investors he could not have been more wrong Kuban was unable to hide his disgust throughout the entire pitch and all of the Sharks began throwing around words like scammy spooky and unfair at the thought of.

Online real estate investing with no oversight only O’Leary made.

An offer to completely rebrand the business with his own name and put up the asking price of $50,000 in exchange for 50% not that 10% McDaniel had been seeking McDaniel flatly refused and the Sharks couldn’t give him the.

Boot fast enough mattiece Allen’s pitch sounds halfway decent on its surface an alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of cooking.

Bacon which an informal poll taken by salen had revealed was the way most people would want to be woken up the only problem was Sahlins design amounted to an actual grill enclosed in wood that would actually cook bacon at the prescribed time in the morning and if you can’t see the potential problems with this the Sharks certainly spotted them all right away aside.

From being an idea whose novelty would wear thin quickly when the smell of bacon grease in your bedroom became permanent it was pointed out that such a device could potentially be a serious fire hazard a stumbling block that salan quite obviously had no.

Idea how to address once the pitch reached the number-crunching stage and also became clear that salhan was likely to end up needing far more than the 40,000 he was asking for and all of the Sharks quickly bailed once again O’Leary had the final word saying.

In my Museum of really bad ideas that kill people James Levay Tola and Brian Pitts came into the tank in season four.

With a plan secured five million dollars in funding for their full-length action film revolving around the exciting idea of a motorcycle World Championship in order to really knock the sharks dead they knew they’d need three things a scantily clad girl a silent menacing.

Figure in a black helmet astride a motorcycle and an exciting trailer for their film.

While Mark Cuban bailed on the idea before Pitts could even complete the first sentence of.

The rest of the Sharks stuck around perhaps out of morbid curiosity they were then treated to the single cheesiest worst excuse for a movie trailer anybody has ever seen and the pitch would only get worse after screening the completely action free trailer which pretty much consisted of big blocky catchphrases accompanied by loud sounds lava Tola tried to salvage the.

Situation by proclaiming Pitt.

Kind of an expert on the subject of movies asked to elaborate Pitt proceeded to stumble mightily over his words barely sticking to his rehearsed pitch but managing to reveal that the duo didn’t even have a script or any cast or crew attached to the project lava Tola then jumped.

Back in to educate the sharks on the way films are financed now which went about as well as you might expect Pitt managed to rein the pitch back into an extent by dropping the names of a couple films that had been previously produced by a small.

Indie company he had worked for but Damon James as a producer on.

The crow had already seen enough to know these guys had no idea what they were talking about and they were basically chastised off the stage by the rest of the sharks Cubans parting shot that he’d seen a similar deal in a Nigerian.

Email must have hurt worse than any road rash.