10 Worst Shark Tank Pitches Ever

Over nine seasons and Counting shark tank has become one of the most popular shows on television and helped make the dreams of countless business owners come true the show’s panel of investors sharks recently celebrated 100 million dollars invested over the show’s run and those dollars have helped to bring us some useful innovative and fun products but of course.

Be a winner some contestants who have failed to secure a deal on the show have gone on to success on their own but for every one of.

Half-dozen others that never stood a chance today we’ll be taking a look at the most ridiculous ill-conceived flat-out worst shark tank pitches ever Darren Johnson came into the tank on the show’s pilot.

Episode with what may have been the worst pitch anybody has ever.

Heard in order to remedy the Annoying problem of Bluetooth headsets which can fall out of your ear Johnson proposed a new device the ionic ear which was simply a bluetooth device which could be implanted surgically into the user’s neck below the ear the Sharks began dropping.

Like flies the more Johnson attempted to explain his vision and once he was done Barbara Corcoran asked him to explain the whole thing again for the sake of clarity in other words to make clear that he was crazy Daymond John called the idea disturbing and horrific seems particularly creeped out that the device would require the user to basically stick a needle shaped charger into their ears at night to charge it not to mention that additional surgeries would be required to upgrade it on shark tanks.

Retrospective 100th episode Corcoran singled out the ionic ear as being the worst pitch she could remember and none of the.

Other sharks could disagree Amanda and Jason Adams pitched their product in season five one which they were sure would help couples everywhere to work out their problems elephant chat was simply a small stuffed elephant inside a clear box.

A steel cover whenever a partner had an issue they needed to talk about they could simply remove the cover to expose the elephant in the room letting their significant other know that.

They needed to talk it might seem like a cutesy idea and it did give the sharks a.

The Adams has revealed their production cost of twenty two dollars per unit and retail price point of fifty nine dollars alarmingly the couple also pointed out that they had plenty of inventory because they had already managed to raise a hundred thousand dollars.

In capital from several friends prompting O’Leary to crack while stifling laughter that they wouldn’t have these friends much longer the rest of the.

Sharks took turns pointing out to the very nice couple that charging sixty dollars for a.

Three dollar stuffed animal just wasn’t going to work no matter how you cut it an elephant chat went down in Shark Tank history as one of the most stunningly bad ideas the panel had ever heard but not the very worst they’ve gotten that one out of the way early in the very first episode of shark tank Mary Ellen Simonson season 1.

Pitch was doomed from the start into the shark tank she brought a product with no sales no demand and no purpose basically a giant oversized sticky note that holds more sticky notes insisting that this would revolutionize sticky note.

Storage for those who work at their laptops she immediately drew the pointed sarcasm of O’Leary who gushed that she should keep this brilliant idea a secret before putting his poker face back on and dropping out the remaining sharks desperately tried to get Simonson to convince them why this wasn’t a total waste of time to which she could only respond with canned statistics about yearly laptop sales in the u.

Hostile response Barbara Corcoran while not going so far as to make an offer at least offered encouragement by saying that she liked Simonson and thought that just maybe she had a viable product Herjavec quickly scolded her for this saying that just this type of encouragement from family and friends was probably exactly why Simonson had dragged this terrible idea for.

A product onto national television sharks don’t often find themselves asking if a contestant is literally insane but not every contestant could be Mark Sullivan the self-described inventor with over a thousand alleged inventions to his credit dropped by in.

Season three to offer the Sharks a chance to get in on a fascinating new technology his Sullivan generator which he describes as harvesting.

Energy from the rotation of the earth for a brief moment he appears to have the Sharks attention before going completely off the rails with his pitch Sullivan described how his device sucks in and vaporizes salt water from the ocean and then in his words.

The water vapor is delivered to.

A vortex chamber where the Coriolis effect spins this into a hurricane which drives the turbines which makes electricity he went on to describe the waste products mineral precipitate manganese and gold Robert Herjavec reilly summed up the idea they were being pitched we suck water in we make it spin really fast and we produce electricity on one hand and gold bars on the other rather than shying away from the blinding sarcasm.

Sullivan doubled down by saying the waste products can be 96 billion dollars in gold without saying exactly how he arrived at that incredibly specific figure he concludes by laying out his plan.

To build 200 of his generators all over the planet to which kevin O’Leary promptly asks how long Sullivan will be visiting earth the master.

Inventor went on to list some of his inventions including an artificial heart and to claim that he also makes money from.

Writing music and sewing handbags Daymond John quite seriously asked Sullivan if anyone had ever told him.

He’s crazy – which Sullivan could only reply that he doesn’t drink or do drugs O’Leary’s retort of I’m.

Thinking maybe you should effectively ended the cringe inducing pitch inventor Jason woods actually brought an interesting product to his season 5 pitch the Chimera bodyboard a fully electric body board that anybody could ride over the waves with ease he brought along his cute fiancee a slick looking prototype and a fun demonstration video but he forgot to bring one thing a business plan of.
Any kind the Sharks were riveted by the.