The Gospel

Now every one of us knows that there’s something wrong inside we have a tendency within us the disturbs us we long for victory over sin sins a fault and word indeed and the Bible reveals that we are born radically wrong we are members of a human race that has turned its back upon God the something inside that makes.

It easier to go wrong than to go right and some deep evil.

Seems to set the human race there’s a bias in the poll that takes it off course there’s a gravity that pulls us down when we want to rise high in spiritual attainment and the secret is that something within us has died the spiritual part of our being that God gave us has died because of sin this is the reason why we can either see nor end.
Kingdom ever unless there is a radical chain and.

Here is a great revelation from Holy.

Scriptures and we also know he did not own experience that we cannot make this radical change ourselves that God says you must have you must know you must experience if you are ever to see or enter.

The kingdom of heaven by the cross because on the cross the Lord Jesus Christ was made sin for you he bore your sins in his body on the truth.
He was the only man who ever went through hell on earth.

And he did it for you to cleanse you from the stain of sin to deliver you the power of sin to tear you from the penalty of sin so that there could be nothing between you and God Christ Jesus though your sin anybody on the tree so ladies and gentleman we come to this great.

Conclusion dawn is willing to do something about it we are sir and there is no hope of us ever entering or seeing the kingdom of heaven but here is the Christian gospel ladies and gentlemen here is the good news the God loves us because He loves us he’s willing he’s yearning to undertake this great.

Change for us honey we are willing and because Christ has died and risen again I have wonderful news for you here tonight hundreds.

Of you here yearn to know what it is to be in the kingdom of God catalysts of you want to know the victory that’s our gift to those that belong to Christ if you will.

Repent believe and confess God will do the rest he will come into your plans be and he will live his life in you he will give you eternal life if I live right now you will enter the kingdom of heaven and you will live in the kingdom of heaven water on Earth the when death comes you’ll be with Christ in you go into the glories of eternal heaven that is what God will do be.
You tonight if you will repent and believe and confess him..