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Hi beauties welcome back to my channel and if you are Neal my name is Christina and welcome to my channel this video was going to be a review on this guy’s Vince is from the brand solid beauty concepts and this is the nail polish organizer but before I give any information on this product I feel like I have.

To put a disclaimer on this video now this company actually did email me asked me if they can send me this product in exchange for a reveal and I don’t say yes every single coming that emails.

Me asking me if they can send me a product in exchange for a review I definitely do like to do my research I like to make sure that it’s a legit company I like to make sure it’s not just somebody trying to scam me and most importantly I’d like to make sure that it’s a product that I will personally like I will personally use and it’s something that I think that you might like so I definitely do like to do my research before I say yes to any email that.

Comes through asking if they can send me free products in exchange for a video so when they email me and they said that they wanted to send me a nail polish organizer of course I did my research but I immediately said yes because sidenote I am.

Addicted to nail polishes if you’ve been around for a while you.

Know that I love nail polishes I probably have about three or four nail polish haul like huge.

Nail polish hauls on my channel and I probably have I’m not kidding you probably over a hundred nail polishes maybe like 150 nail polishes I know it’s insane but I use them I paint my own nails I did my own manicure my own pedicure so I’m addicted to nail polishes so having another organizer another holder for my.

Nail polishes like that’s amazing I definitely had to say yes to this so with all that being said I’m gonna go ahead and jump into the information for this video there’s not a lot of information but I want to give you as much as I can so like I said this it’s.
From the brand solid beauty concepts and this is the nail polish.

Organizer the only place that you can find this.

Is on Amazon the solid Beauty concepts brand doesn’t have like an actual website the only place you can find this is on Amazon and the price of this is twenty-two ninety-five I actually think that 23 dollars for this gigantic is actually double-sided is actually a really really good price because any like nail polish organizer or nail polish rack or holder anything that.

Has to do with holding your nail polishes I feel like they run about close to a hundred dollars now this entire container is plastic but I feel like it’s not a cheap thing if you drop it it’s gonna.

Break easily type of plastic I feel like it’s a little bit thicker and it’s a lot more like sturdier you don’t I mean like I feel like I don’t.

I think this is a good type of plastic especially for holding like heavy nail polishes I feel like this is a really really.

Good size I feel like it’s a good like thickness and it’s a good weight and like I said it is double sided so you have two different sides you have.

This first side right here that just kind of pops open and then you have your.

Slots right there and then you flip it over and on the opposite side you have another little openings and I really like that it has like these little.
Hinges so when you open it you just.

Kind of like open it up instead of like.

Having to take off the top putting it somewhere else hopefully not losing it it’s just all attached.

I do kind of wish that this.

Did open so that it was like two completely separate compartments you can kind of have them like open if you wanted to but you can really only have one side open at the time so I like.

This I like the packaging I like the whole concept of it and I’m excited to use this so I know that it’s not.

Like a lot of information but I definitely didn’t want to give you the price on it give you like a brief overview of this and then where you can purchase this which is Amazon and.

The link to buying this is down in my description box if you are interested in purchasing this so I think now I’m just gonna show you two different ways that you can use this product of course you.

Use this for your nail polishes and I will show you that I’ll show you like the different sizes that fit in here and I’m just kind of gonna test it out myself so you have different sized nail polishes do fit in here and I’m also gonna show you.

Like outside of the box thinking of how you can use this again other than just using it as evening polish organizer okay so now for the giveaway if you.

Were actually interested in winning one of these nail wash organizers for yourself all you have to do to enter is comment down below on this video what you would use this nail polish organizer for would you use it for your nail polishes or would you use it for one of the ideas that I suggested in this video that’s literally all you have to do enter is comment down below what you would use this nail wash organizer for if you win but if you’re not interested in.

The giveaway you just want to go ahead and go.

On Amazon website and purchase this for yourself I actually do have a coupon code that will save you 10% and that is just.

KP Beauty 10 and again it will save you 10% on the Amazon website for this product but that is it for this video I really hope that you enjoyed this video and of course everything.

You need to know is down below in my description box btus thank you so much for watching and until.

Next time enjoy the rest of your day please.

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