Shade Avoid Space Zig Zag Buildbox Game Review 273

Light so that you can see the upcoming wall that’s in your face like that and if you miss it then then you just suspect a chance and.

Dead that’s just tough man that’s that’s actually very cool concept like and something I might actually think about utilizing it’s great if you’re gonna have a coin that you know gives you.

Coin points but also gives you the ability to see in the dark like that’s just cool very cool this looks amazing ooh got wakeup spawners oh I thought I was gonna be dead oh you can’t go in the middle I swear.

I went in the middle um one I check it out links down below this is shade avoid I really enjoyed playing this game I’m probably gonna keep playing it just to.

See the kind of levels that are being made let me know what you think of the game and if you have any games built by build box please let me know I’m always looking for games don’t forget to Like and.

Out content daily while making and playing games until then keep making games and I will see you.