Shade Avoid Space Zig Zag Buildbox Game Review 273

Hey what’s up I’m alkoxide make games play games and everything in between and today we were checking out shade of board now this is a space zigzag space runner game that came out in April of 2016 and I’ve tied this game a little bit and I really enjoy playing this game I think they take a lot of features.

That I’ve seen before and even new stuff that I haven’t seen so that’s always pretty cool especially for a game that came.

Out over two years ago love the menu you are give me an active menu.

I and I’m a fan and here we even have a square from the middle going up to the top over the light source like that like that just looks cool what appears to be random cubes coming out of the center circle they’re not starting out I’m not necessarily a fan of that let me show you that again oh I guess that’s the only on the home sweet so here’s the pause button don’t look I don’t really like the pause button either and the play button is a triangle that’s facing up let.

Me okay so I guess I got a die the cool part is you.

Can just tap anywhere to begin touch and slide here to control I don’t like how it’s completely blacked out where you could have you could change the opacity so it’s not completely blacked out and then you can see through it while also giving the player information on how to play so this is cool you can choose between fast or normal and that essentially just controls the speed of the screen moving which i think is really cool ah one thing I really enjoy about playing this game is that.

I myself am making a somewhat similar kind of avoidance game now all avoidance games have the basic concept of like don’t touch this you can get the coins or whatever right now I think I maybe have like 25 levels and making levels is tough like if you want to make levels easy but not.

Too difficult but still challenging so so when I play avoidance games you know whether liners n or multiple different kinds I look at how they create the levels because my game is not exactly 100% abortive it’s obviously a little bit different because I try to add a fun little creative element to it so it’s a little.

Bit different but I you know I still have trouble making levels like making levels is not.

An easy thing and I have to make a lot of levels but now I have 25 I want to make a hundred levels I’ll probably be happy with 50.

But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop making levels this has a cool feature of where you can play on a super difficult level where your character is invisible this I have never really seen before this is for the experts and.

The pros like myself but just even have that option is it that’s pretty sick I think and then you can even go here to make things.

Go faster which honestly in hindsight I should not have done as well you know when you’re invisible it’s already difficult enough you know I like the coins I.

Think there’s simplicity of the coin animation is something I’ll probably definitely use in future games or games and yeah in my future games that’s cool yeah I think I have to play it on slow so it’s one thing I enjoy about this game is like I’m singing things I haven’t seen before so you get a coin and some coins have the ability to give you light and you need.