How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars On Face & Body! ( No Way!)

This product you have to use it again consistently and love that it’s natural natural is the way to go for me at least all right so I’m always down to try a new face mask these are the ones that I’ve been loving lately this is the nip plus fab skin glycolic instant fix mess as well as the dinesh water sleeping mask I’ve.

Been loving both of them for different reasons but for today I’m gonna be using the glycolic instant fix mask so I usually.

Use mass about three times a week alternating between a bunch of them but for this case I felt like my skin was looking kind of dull so I decided to go with the glycolic mask which really brightens your skin it also helps with your dark marks of course so yes this was my go-to mask for the day and I left.

It on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then I wash it off so as you can.

See I am just gently patting.

It into my skin so now Santa moisturizing my face in.

The nighttime I only use shea butter not the shea butters that you get at the beauty supply store I use like a hundred percent you know somebody.

Type stuff because that’s what works amazing for my skin shea butter is known to treat many skin problems including blemishes acne scars wrinkles any skin wounds eczema there’s just so many uses for shea butter and yeah it’s just bombed so lately because I’ve been wearing a bit more eye.

Makeup I’ve been using it under-eye cream this is the Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment this.

Is very thick and creamy I really like this stuff for my under eyes just to keep it nice.

And hydrated so I like to use this every other night and a little goes a long way so I’m just gonna really gently rub that and Pat that into my under-eye because you know the skin is very sensitive there we’re not trying to get no premature wrinkles so this is my skin after doing my routine so now we’re just gonna jump in the shower and I’m gonna show you guys my body care routine so I like.

To use any natural soap along with my African net or sponge usually a soap as brightening to the skin actually did suffer with acne scarring on my back my shoulders and the back of my thighs so using the sponge as well as the combination with the brightening soap has really really helped me and got rid of all of that so now I just have like glowy radiant skin all year round whether it’s summer spring winter fall it doesn’t matter and.

Also I will try to link this sponge down for you down below in my parcel shop so check out my parcel shop alright so once I have all the shower it’s time to moisturize my skin I only use a hundred percent shea butter cuz that’s what works best for me and my skin I know a lot of.

You guys when you guys come on the shower you guys on.

Lotion your skin I know you guys don’t you guys.

Only put cream on the parts that are showing what you’re wearing sometimes you don’t even get your knees or your elbows that’s all bad okay do you guys want glowy skin you have to moisturize your skin at all times especially if you have dry skin okay okay so once I’m done showering I just like to put on.

Something super comfortable usually like a tracksuit a sweat suit something very comfortable I got this from fashion Nova and I like to put on my favorite smell good oil this is lick me all over it just a nice oil it smells so freakin good so yeah I.

Just like to rub that in and.

Then you know smiling all fancy and stuff and then I usually like to just go.

Watch Netflix and I was actually catching up on the walking dead at time but now I’m caught up and I’m obsessed with that show thumbs up if you watch Walking Dead anyways guys that is might get unready with me teen I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and I’ll see you guys all in my next video oh.

Guys already know them clearly.