How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars On Face & Body! ( No Way!)

What’s up guys it’s nice welcome back to my channel so today I’m gonna show you guys might get unready with me skin care / the body care routine this is just gonna be the nighttime portion if you guys aren’t interested in like my daytime I do have a link to my full skincare routine it down below so you.

Guys can check that out so I do get a lot of questions about my skin how do I keep it glow you how to keep your radiance how did.

I get rid of my dark mark so I’m gonna have this whole routine down for you guys this is like a sort of like an updated one.

I’m actually wearing no makeup on my face right now like literally nothing except for lip gloss on my lips and I’m really really loving my skin I can go.

Out the door and just feel very confident with myself so yeah.

I hope this routine helps some of you guys out there and I hope you guys enjoy alright so this is my face.

After a long day as you can see my face is just.

I just really want to take off my makeup so I’m just gonna dab in my face with some water and then I’m gonna go into removing my makeup what I’m using to remove my makeup is almond oil and it’s so good for your skin and this.

Just gently removes your makeup and takes everything off super easy so you’re not being really harsh on your skin or your face so I just take a little bit in.
My hand and then rub it into my skin into my face and.

Baby wipe to really just take off the makeup I don’t really use it very harshly or anything like that because that wouldn’t.

Be good and the makeup just comes off super super easy so that’s why I love using this method the oil method is honestly one of the best all right so moving on to exfoliating I exfoliate almost every night just to take off.

All of my dead skin layers I don’t suggest this really for a sensitive skin but I’m using my vino brightening exfoliator something like that I’ll leave it down below and I just rub that into my face a little bit but then I go in with my favorite favorite brush which just changed my skin like this is like I can’t even tell you how much this changed my skin this thing right here got rid of all of my dark marks but you have to use it with consistent.
Use or it will not work for.

A coupon code for this 70% off I honestly recommend this a gift for your friends for yourself for your mama it’s actually really.

Really balm so yeah you can get this for 30 bucks just use my coupon code down below so if you want your skin to be on fleek this is the product you need all right so once.

Rinsing my face you can see that my brush is pretty dirty it does take off like all the extra makeup that you might have not got so I’m just gonna take some soap and clean it off and it’s good as new so it’s super easy to clean and yeah it just does magic for your skin so to tone my face I do use aloe vera.

Gel some people say it’s not a toner but that’s what I use it for and.

It works for me and this just really brightens my skin makes it very.

Radiant glowy all of that good stuff you will see your skin look a lot brighter if you do use.