$350.00 Clearance Markdown At Target! Awesome Haul!

Hi guys it’s Natalie from clean got couponing calm I just got back from Target I don’t tell a little bit of a secret I did hide this behind a huge area of pool noodles there was about six or seven boxes of pool noodles that I seen it yesterday and I did not have a chance grab it yesterday so.

I was like okay let me just see if it’s gonna be there today this was the last one this thing was crazy crazy clearance so I’ll show you exactly how much it was.

And actually this is what it is so it’s called The Adventure Falls it’s the riptides thing I’ve seen this all summer I’ve wanted.

To grab one for my kids but I’m not gonna pay how much they were charging originally I’m at any store and even on Amazon that was crazy.

Expensive so it’s really tall this thing is crazy tall that’s how tall it is and this is what I got it for it was five hundred dollars and then.

A hundred and fifty markdown so this was 70 percent clearance however then we have that category coupon for $20 off we have that category coupon for $20 off so then it.

Took off 20 bucks spend 100 at 20 off so that’s an awesome awesome deal for this thing I mean wow inflates in two minutes it is a little banged up on the bottom just like from wear-and-tear.

And like trying to lift this heavy thing into my cart by myself so yeah check this out chopped it down like that so you could see it better look at all this stuff it does.

Though ages 5 to 12 easy to climb ladder and that’s a big huge tall sign fire hydrant sprinklers the sprinkler is down there so if the kids you know if you have little tiny kids they can just play.

Down in that area and then you got a little basket on that water cannon like how.

There’s the water cannon right there how stinking cool is this thing so if you guys are interested in grabbing some summer clearance still in the pool section there was like two two and a half miles just filled with stuff goggles all kinds of stuff but I could not believe they had this leftover.

Last one I Grahame desai hope you guys can find this if this is something that you were looking for for next summer or maybe even a Christmas present or something so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys are having a great day and take care you.