First Reaction To French Rap/ Hip Hop

Guys my name is pixie and today I’m doing my first ever reaction to French hip-hop and rap I’ve never listened to French music before obviously there is a barrier even though it is you like it isn’t far from me like I’m from the UK so this is in the EU but I have never I’ve been to I’ve been.

To France I flew to Paris but which.

Is obviously with France but I’ve never actually listened to their music before I’ve tasted their food I just haven’t listened to.

Their music so I thought today we’re gonna be listening to a French hip-hop rap artist called uber and the song and I sort called heavy B.

Obviously I don’t know if this pronounced right I’ve got a typical London South London.

Accent but we’re gonna listen to it and see what I think obviously I don’t know what it’s gonna say I don’t know obviously I’m assuming they they’re just gonna.

So I’m not gonna understand it but I want to see if they’ve got a flow or gonna see what type of beeps they’ve got and I just want to see their whole vibe because I’ve never watched your music video by a French eyes before so let your skin the video Oh so before we actually get into it already.

I’m seeing that this is obviously it’s got 11 million views and if the song was believed two years ago that’s really good also the clip looks really futuristic it looks like a proper professional video so already it’s already ticking some of the boxes just to let you guys know.

Obviously I do have to kind of stop and start or cut and chop in this video to avoid copyright I’m sorry about that but YouTube likes to play me so pretty woman the girl is amazing she looks stunning that is fubar I like his sound already the beat is hard the beat is really.

Sick okay I don’t know what they’re saying so if there’d be a bit hard to react to this because God knows what they’re saying really I have.

No clue like the only thing I know in front is bonjour bonjour je.

M’appelle Patrice even even though my.

Name is I’m is a French name but it is a different team it’s a Latin name as well well.

Yeah I don’t know what they’re saying it so I can just buy up to the beat and kinda get a hint of these flow I wonder where they filmed this because I’m seeing palm trees and it looks really yeah it looks really good like it looks like a nice beach sense I wonder where they was able to film it it like I.

Said I’m feeling this it is obviously hard because it’s like a language barrier and I’m when I listen to that kpop songs I want to know like I like to understand the narrative I want to know what they’re talking about so it definitely this reacted to this laughs ‘le encourages me to want to learn more languages because my only language I speak like fluently it’s English when I was in secondary school I did learn Spanish and German but I was so I’m not gonna lie I was so whack.

Up but yeah it’d be good now I feel like cuz obviously I don’t know that everyone just we need to like I feel like.

In the UK we need to learn more languages like people like me you may be less you’re like obviously I’m have to making half Irish but a lot of people unless you’re like different like some national other nationalities that speak because that ends with like.