Full Session: Creative Arts To Achieve Social Impact

You and a very good morning to everybody that is joining us here for ask x-factor live this morning we’ve got people coming in the door welcome grab a seat hopefully you’ve got a nice cup of tea or coffee with you and settle in for the next 45 minutes we’ve asked X Factor live we’ve got some people there joining.

In on the phone good morning to you we can’t see.

I can’t say good morning by name but a very good morning good morning Catherine good morning t-shirt people starting to arrive good morning George how are you today welcome to us x-factor live is is week six of our 18 week program featuring 24 of our specialists consultants from the x-factor collective welcome we’re super excited to have Deb Milligan here today with us today.

Creative arts to to achieve social and community impact and we’re going to be covering some amazing content today welcome if you are there and you can see the chat box click on chat and tell us where you’re dialing in from this morning I’m here in sunny beautiful Melbourne dibs joining us from Gippsland please feel free to comment and.

Use the chat box there good morning Crimson Kilda good morning Corrine dye New South Wales fantastic fantastic thanks everybody for dropping those notes in there and welcome back if you’ve been here over the last couple of weeks with us it’s great.

To have you back my name is Julia Katie I am your host this morning for those who don’t know me I have been a part of what I call the social impact sector.

For the last 10 years one of.

Those highlights was being the founding CEO of the Australian women donors network after which I pretty much became an accidental consultant did that for about seven years under the brand of x-factor consulting and during that time had the privilege of working with hundreds of different types of social change makers whether.

They were in charities social enterprises in business different trusts and foundations community foundations and I worked with a lot of other consultants and over that time I started to see that there are.

Number of ways that we could really make life easier for all of us as social change makers so this year I turned the X Factor consulting.

Into a community and created the X Factor collective it’s very exciting times we’re building a community for all of you that are here today there’s lots of features in this community including a network of really highly.

Skilled consultants and coaches we have 30 foundation members we’re soon going to 50 and then.

A hundred across 300 areas of specialization we’re also introducing programs like this that you’re watching here today I ask expect a live sharing our knowledge a knowledge sharing community and knowledge sharing platform into the next couple of years lots more plans for.

2019 which we’ll keep you posted about so today is not a webinar there’s not a big big sell at the end this isn’t free because we want you to buy the three thousand dollar package at the end we are here to answer your questions answer questions that we’ve received over the last couple of.

Days and share the exquisite knowledge that we have here at The X Factor collective with you so before I introduce you to Deb and welcome to those.
Who are just joining us now just to let you know we will be recording.

The session today so if you need to run off and do something else before we finish if you’re not we are recording we’re chopping up each question into little mini episodes and we’re super excited next month we’re launching our YouTube channel and you’ll be able to go back and watch any of these sessions here again today plus the 60 odd episodes that we’ve recorded.

The last 15 six weeks so that’s going to be really exciting and lots of great content for everyone to dip in and out over the next couple of months feel free to ask your questions in the chat box or the Q&A box.

See them quite clearly on the platform that.

We’re using here today we already have seven great questions that we’re going to get into if something happens and your link drops out you can jump in on the phone and I’m just going to share that with you here now it’s also in your chat box but there’s two phone numbers there that you.

Can try and a code to enter to get into the session so let’s get into it thank you for allowing me to introduce who we are its x-factor live if you’re just joining us now good morning we have dead Milligan here today I’m so excited to introduce you to dev I’ve known them for.

A number of years I’m super excited that.

She’s a part of our community deb is a visual artist she’s the co-founder of a small arts business a big lover.

Of small towns and a consultant in the arts and creative industries Deb has over 20 years experience in the community and cultural sectors covering a wide range of initiatives and projects.

Including community consultation and engagement policy development strategic planning cultural tourism and many many arts projects it’s great to have you here Deb you’re zooming in today from Gippsland.

From a community arts cafe how are you it is indeed it is so before we get into some of the questions Deb can you share with us a bit about your background sure well and I moved to Rio which is a small town in Gippsland about 25 years ago when my vertical here was six months old so I sort of.

Elements lived in a tin shed for a while and while we were building your house but we ended up not doing that moving into town which was beautiful and I’ve now got two boys nearly 21 and nearly 25 I’ve got a lovely partner Colin and we have a business together where we make furniture and sculptures and I’m also a painter than a print maker yeah that’s me oh great to meet you Debbie great to meet you fantastic.

We have a number of questions today that we’re going to be going through looking at creating arts projects within your community looking at sourcing funding for your arts projects how to use the arts to do really good community consultation Deb’s got some great.

Examples and some great visuals actually it’s gonna be a visual feast today with a lot of the beautiful images that Deb is dug up to share with us here.

Today we’re also going to look at using arts after community disasters as well which is a real hot topic at the moment.