Social Media And Branding

Hello and welcome to building your brand with social media I am Beverly J Miller your course instructor you were here because you are aware that technology has become a driving force in the way we do business your buyer is socially connected mobile and real-time informed digital marketing has collided a divide between sales marketing branding and business development roles.

Played by sales and marketing professionals are still the same but platforms.

And tools are different social selling is about leveraging your social network to form lasting relationships building.

Trust increasing your sales pipeline and grow in your revenue.

Social selling has changed an approach to customer acquisition retention marketing strategy and sales funnels traditional marketing blended with digital marketing it’s great but let’s face it social media marketing can become overwhelming if you are not sure on how to tackle all the platforms we live in a world of digital transformation and sales and marketing needs to be evolved with times this course will explain two major social media platforms and give you tips and tools to navigate each platform you are here.

Because you want to successfully grow your business using social media social selling is the present and future for any business whether it be b2b business to business or b2c business the customer more than likely you are already using social media channels but this course will teach you how to use it making business sense let’s get started.