Creative Destruction Pc| Just Straight Grinding Homey!! | Live Action

J Jupiter rise cheeto what’s up good it’s a virtual world created by the Aurora October’s a little place where visitors never want to leave at least for the tourists that I’ve welcomed so many people come and they never leave another thing the bunny and Teddy plushies strike what’s up bro veneers don’t forget to remind the.

Boss to get dead dead drops what’s up bro so see anybody coming over here I could stay yeah I already got it say.

RPG misses me oh that bullet drop a series right there I but I’m gonna get some pills Wow I missed every shot I miss every shot but Starfire what’s up the stuff oh let’s go all bad gave her TDA what’s up bro one car the holy challenge and what good should that be did I get a copy of the other video I don’t know better bite of your sandwich what’s going on Beth young savages telling the burst challenge.
Ah oh man that got it I got stuff bad giddy gun Bollywood gun.

I could try IED to try it well try it myth all right what does challenge use the.

Shotgun I’ll bathe you you’re really you rode out now you’re playing now you play the round I’m playing with fire at that point I’m not even the Beast of the shotgun so whenever God I get first met whatever it is for air taxi is approaching.

The love is without a pistol or a valley the Aurora Valley is a virtual world created by the Aurora corporation let’s go we’re out with last hardware.

Visitors the last challenge I went to the hills of the ski resorts because there’s so much loot up there I got a quick kill up there with a great challenge so might be way outside the zone though as usual I’m not going I’m not gonna go with it the hostile vibe you looking for would know so so that’s how you run out of bullets.

You’ll pick up a gun and trying to kill a guy work with you’d only have thirty toilets let’s see I don’t see the body at the moment all right that’s definitely gonna be the girl right there that would.

Not be to go through this sniper only challenge although I’ll make the decision soon as.

I fight alright good all right so we’ll do is about Razi’s what time will be to do that so we’re going to see what God’s I get is it I’ll make that.

Decision whatever gun I shoot with first all right so baby take a challenge let’s see if we get no scar.

Challenge that’s fine with me little Goblin scarecrow little bit of Exim a challenge or the sniper challenge AWP challenge would be ridiculous there’s somebody no scopes hold that for now all right so these are the gun options I have let’s see what I get over here and I’ll.

Make that decision when I get over here damn let’s go buy to be to Acadia okay since I gotta kill today Kay that’s what’s gonna be bad so everything else has to go good stuff here though hey kids are cool man I just don’t know how to shoot far with this another one right there I’ll take all.

Right so it’s gonna be an aka challenge jumping into the same locations idealize father right not a good position though really bad position alright alright with up.

Here so a suitors know a K up here I will be forced to go up these heels it’s really tough I got no I got no jump pads either this help make a rocket right I could make a co propeller yeah that should see what’s up here baby stockades doesn’t that but he’s gets he gets me a go okay oh wait a drop a drop us not.

Bother okay alright there we go now I got plenty of bullets best way to flaky with the grenades he will shoot our RPG bro alright so I’ve got how stupid was that I would like later my house is where I can’t see nobody I.

Don’t look good feeling like a camp for those houses you can’t see him see if it anybody’s got a couple of Springs anybody gonna come from this way hopefully they don’t come from the other side I should enjoy the RPG when it’s RPG man oh you took off I know you talked about your.

To Bob alright so so now I got I got all the elite a K guns get those the guy down there go back over the middle alright the middle try to see if I can find these guys how over here Yeah right there Oh let me get out of the circle first.

I don’t like it I don’t want to die to that that what’s up oh I got a guy over here I got a guy over.

Here let me see if I can jump over there before he jumps over to me there he is right there that’s too old alright so this other guy.

Knows I’m over here I gotta hurry up though there ya go so I got three I got three aks now we thought that move bro geez I had three go to the a cage with scream trout they would everybody be at I don’t think they’re taking that need don’t worry about that he’ll be no sniper action for me huh I’ll wait over here I don’t know kill that guy I had to play that one save.

Somebody shoot that this girl should be out to here where is he all this up here oh it’s good she’s got there oh no how about a control I.

Can’t control it yeah he had a stranger bath two kills Oh baby suck bro okay that workout he had a stringer the things are so easy to.

Have you been he is assayed beam yeah I’m doing a double pump and I was doing a take a challenge I was doing one gun challenge didn’t work out for me I couldn’t get the first shots he saw me first and I tried to jump to him.

But Kobe let’s go with Kobe cloudy white team what’s up bro dead girl Rodriguez what’s going on guy Rene 2x what’s up now Brandon doesn’t play it much because he’s updating that means he to play yesterday no I don’t say hmm another batch of.

Fresh explorers who there was still people wanting to go to a war of Valle relax I’ve been flying this route for decades I’ll get you there safely come rain or shine but few safely return what’s that down here I doubt it the loo is weak as hell over Oh oh my god the box of.

Teddy I saw guys going that way all right they got it I’ll see how a whip well it’s why is it here oh yeah yes I am Wilke store type it’s an exclamation points which that guy happened to be where I landed man and all.

I had was shotguns it’s a jolly rancher Beth she got Adams what’s going on sheikah I bread to bed chill out man chill out man Theresa George what’s up there Jolly Ranchers soda no I don’t really drink soda that but Smith I do drink kick-starts but I don’t drink soda like kick-starts fried the only day I’d rate because it’s it’s lower calories but it’s also gives me a good boost you.

Stiver that is in this game I know Stephen I had a jolly Rachel bear have I played FIFA 19 no not.