15 Tips For Traveling To Las Vegas! | What You Need To Know

Go in to concede Oh number 13 is that the ATM surcharges are hella expensive so make sure you bring cash bring cash bring enough cash you’re going to be spending money anyway make sure you bring too much cash okay so you don’t have to risk going to the ATM because I didn’t bring enough cash I had to.

Go to the ATM and there was so surcharges feel like I was paying another bill I like to not it just it was ridiculous so bring enough cash number.

15 is experience everything if you can Las Vegas is not just this trip is also you know downtown in Chinatown so you want to try to get your money’s worth don’t just dream in smoke and partying all day remember that they’re actually monumental places in Las Vegas you can visit trying to tell you can visit the Golden Nugget I think it’s a I think you can also was it our Fremont Street these places that.

Are in lots and lots of movies that most movies are shot at you want to visit those places just to say you experienced everything and remember to visit visit Lee Bellagio water show you.

Want to experience these things right in Las Vegas because if you don’t did you really go to Las Vegas no but yeah thank you guys for deeming me about this.

Video if you guys want video tips or anything else remember to DM me at the social media links below if there’s anything else you want to know um but yeah I’m children I will see you guys in my next video.