15 Tips For Traveling To Las Vegas! | What You Need To Know

End up going with someone who’s very talkative so she got really close to like our hotel concierge and stuff.

Like that those people work in live in Las Vegas so they know the deal they.

Don’t have they’re gonna point you to better deals than the club promoters.

Wheels and the host feel like they can point you in the right direction so get really friendly with them tell them good morning tonight you know get to know them a little bit number 10 know when to visit guys guys guys.

This is literally crucial for your enjoyment in Las Vegas remember that Las Vegas is in the west coast and it is a desert it is hot dry there’s no humidity in the air there’s no moisture in there it is a hot desert so you can learn to see the Grand Canyon if you stay in the right hotel it is a desert so for me I know my first ship I end up going in the summertime it was dreadful it would it reached about.

113 degrees outside I literally had to leave my hotel at like 7:00 8:00 a. go get breakfast and lunch I’ll come back to my hotel and I will sleep and watch TV until 6:00 p. until the Sun went down because it was just unbearable heats guys also because my biggest is known for a lot of things they are also known for science conventions computer reviews they’re known for a lot of conventions so you want to make sure you’re going when there isn’t a convention going on because you think about to make it.

As crowded try going when there is a convention you and literally not be able to walk because there will be so many people also the price isn’t everything is hiked up when there’s a convention in town hotels cost three times as much boobers and.

Texas clusters on so much everything just cost more it even cost to breathe because it’s just a convention in town so do not go when.

There is a now number 11 a research who places because most of the food places on this trip are more expensive downtown does have the really inexpensive food options but if you don’t want to go downtown that you can just you know stay on this ship and like I said research it because in my hotel.

There was a there are food places underneath and they were really inexpensive and really good I remember is one hotel one restaurant and you can just look it up I think is we.

Caught ocean say if I run I live in.

The description box but always recommend people going to ocean eight they also have a Nobu and eggslut which you really can’t find everywhere so it was pretty fun um number 12 is that you.

Can literally drink everywhere.

In Las Vegas so I like back home where you can’t drink before 12 on certain days on the street so you can get like arrested or something or fines in Las Vegas you can drink anytime you want anywhere you want the only thing you can do is drink it out of.

This original container so you just have to pour it in like a cup or one of those tall little plastic cups when you’re pretty much Turing anywhere number 13 unfortunately is that.

You can actually pretty much smoke everywhere the casinos are really like a big hot box smoke box like it’s awful I was you can’t go in there you can’t see you can’t breathe it’s awful I’ll give you can.