15 Tips For Traveling To Las Vegas! | What You Need To Know

Hi guys it’s ashli welcome back to my channel welcome if you are new so today about the video you can tell that we haven’t done any travel south video I love love love doing these videos and thank you again for always be ending me and I make these videos for you guys so the studio is gonna be a.

Lot longer than what you’re used to because I just have a lot more tips and in fact stick it out my what’s Las Vegas twice last year I absolutely love Las Vegas and because I know that graduation is coming up for a fall semester and spring break will.

Be literally in like two three months after that I just thought this video would be really cool because I end up going to Las Vegas during my spring break during one of my trips during spring break and it was really.

Fun so I thought this would be very beneficial for you guys so I can just get started too so number one is that Las Vegas it’s big when I saw this bike it’s this big I mean like this trip itself is 4 miles long and then that’s not including downtown and Chinatown and stuff like that so when you’re going to Las Vegas just keep.

In mind that you’re gonna you will probably be on the strip that’s where muscle hotels are or like most most of the popular motels are so you want to be on the strip but don’t forget about dump time in chinatown because that’s where it’s.

Popping – so you want to visit there.

If you can second thing is because Las Vegas is big there are a lot of shortcuts I know that my hotel was connected to a restaurant which was connected to Planet Hollywood so instead of having to go out because it was like 108 degrees when I went into summertime I got to stay in my hotel go down to the first floor go through that hotel or that MOC and then go to Planet Hollywood which was so so much better than me stepping outside.

And 108 degree weather I keep looking right here because you guys know my laptop is always open I just type up these notes and then give them to you guys so yeah also because Las Vegas is big if you’re not singer sugar if you’re staying on very opposite ends of the strip taxes and ubers do cost more.

So if you’re not going with the group just.

Keep that in mind whether you can split the cost with even one person is better than just you know splitting it by yourself number three Las Vegas actually does have cheap hotels.
But they are on father ends of the strip so and then we’re.

Like moles how motels down to me at least I’m there like thirty dollars thirty to forty dollars a night I really won’t recommend staying in them I feel like you’re gonna Las Vegas just live.

It up like why not you know number four most hotels actually do let non-residents or nine.

Guests go to their pool or go to their parties so I know that most hotels I’m like back home you.

Can’t go to a hotel pool if you’re not.

Hotel but in Las Vegas you can actually do that you just have to check during certain hours so I was saying in one hotel and I actually went to Caesars the Caesars Palace pool so that was pretty.

Cool but you just want to check and make.

Sure what hours you can go and if they aren’t doing like any parties or special events that day day parties and events are so common in Las Vegas just check your times number five.

If you’re into clubbing or partying then clubbing it’s pretty fun in Las Vegas guys I’m not a bit clever I’ve never been to a club at home but when I’m out of town I like.

To go just experience new things so Club promoters are literally up and down the strip if you do go to a flip I won’t recommend doing a group Club deal you know what I’m talking about when if you go but the promoters may still gonna ask you for if you want to a group up a group club deal and that’s basically.

50 to 100 people that that promoter can get and they get in front they get to skip the line so that’s a pretty big deal especially.

There being thousands and thousands of people in Las Vegas and about a hundred club runs I’m not sure how many club was there on Las Vegas but to get me the first 50 to 100 people to skip the line that’s pretty dope so I would recommend that then I will also say Club hop like the club the club the club deal you got they’re gonna let you clip off.

To leave as a group so it’s kind of sucky if you’re having a good time so what we did was we stayed like the first three our first.

Two clubs and then we kind of brushed off with our own and did our own scene but club hop because it’s really really fun they’re literally so many clubs.

In Las Vegas there’s just so many number six some hotels do charge a.

Resort fee so like they charge you to use the pool and stuff like that so it’s just use the pool if you’re going to be charged for something like that what are your pull and go to somebody else’s pool you already getting charged anyway so yeah so just enjoy it you know dance number seven do not gamble if you do not know how to gamble there are real people.

Who take this stuff seriously you don’t know it with anyone’s time.

And plus because Las Vegas is not forgetting they’re gonna offer you free classes all you have to do is ask when is the class and they will give you the time and place so you don’t have to waste your time of your money anyone elses time or money just take the free class if you really wanna gamble number eight go to a show Las Vegas is known for a show so burlesque show its musicals the magic shows most of the shows are like some really good.

Shows are in valleys they have a lot of good magic shows I want them in there you could buy tickets and like the box offices or.

I heard you can go to Vegas calm I’ve never used Vegas I come I just ended up buying mine in like the mall that was connected to my hotel like one of the little.

Stands I’m gonna go to see a show if you don’t go to see a show I may get in Vegas you’ve wasted your trip also go to the Bellagio water show every place has that one thing is known for New York has Times Square Chicago has the bean.

Las Vegas has two Bellagio water show if you do not go see the Bellagio water show did you really go to those thing.

Is the villages shut the water show is also free and I know y’all like threesome so go see everything number nine talked to locals I’m unfortunately not a very talkative person but I did fortunately.