Siobhan From Clifton Dental Talks About Impact Social Media

The instant chat on me and camp which is great and I’ve had all bookings so to last week to this week which is really really positive because before and you know you’d have occasional occasional person that would get in contact with us but it was very.

Much chitchat and then it kind of just didn’t really lead or develop into anything so yeah it definitely happens and it’s what’s been amazing well being really positive from the team actually and we’ve always wanted to provide the best service to our patients.

As does any business but I think sometimes it’s still easy to get be so focused on that and then it can be sometimes a little less miserable but the teams are definitely having more fun with it.

Now more relaxed and I think the patient’s just pick up on that generally and me and in this you know in the practice and I think yeah we.

Can still be professional professional provide the best service but also enjoy it I think ultimately we live what we.

Do well it’s just we’ve just needed to show it really and that’s what we’re doing so it’s been good really positive everyone’s kind of doing their bit it was it was a little scary for them and I think initially the there’s a couple of takes no they really they actually the great thing about.
It now as they actually come to me and.

Typically the hygiene team well fantastic you’ve got Carrie and Charlotte and had their that they constantly we’ve done a video kinds of get kind of you know it’s especially at the early stages you’re learning but I mean so far it definitely I’ve kind of put it in 9 to 10 out of 10 definitely I think kind of everything that’s being you’ve provided.

Us some tips of training and ideas and that kind of thing of works really really well for us so far so yeah I get out of.