Siobhan From Clifton Dental Talks About Impact Social Media

My name’s hi i’m christine here at Kista dental studio and so I’ve been working in customer service and sales for got over ten years now and I’ve been with the CD with CDs for over two years so I think before we got involved in the training and our social media was probably very generic it was probably much like.

Most businesses a bit flat a bit inconsistent we had all the social media platforms but I don’t even necessarily fully utilizing them as much.

As we could have been I didn’t really have the knowledge or understanding and you know what could how to engage really on those sort of social platforms history-based it was very inconsistent it was kind of obviously my roles ever go busy role as well so you know I didn’t really want to step out of that too much so I would say it was quite inconsistent for times I kind of you know when I had time it was.

Kind of done and learning I didn’t have time awesome turn so I didn’t really have it wasn’t be nature to really I don’t think it had a bad impact on the business but.

It definitely was a helluva pain by any means it was a driving patience rogers we went engaging or interacting enough on it I would say is been.

Really easy to be honest considering the changes that have been made obviously we’ve had lots of training with you guys we’ve had lots of new systems to implement as well which is been fantastic and it can always be quite difficult kind of changing new habits and.

Theory you know we have like really enjoyed kind of putting these new systems into place and just seeing really the response that we’ve been getting back from them and it still is quite early days but we’ve definitely noticed the benefit and then it’s exciting really to see.

Where it goes over the next couple of months and you know the next 50 years it’s been really.

Good actually I think that a lot of our patients have discovered that we are human and they know.

It’s nice to see I think for them to see that we do obviously our personalities and they’re very informed of what we’re kind of doing within the practice as well as outside of the business and so it has prompted them to kind of come in and say holiday or ICU away with the family last weekend that kind of thing.

Was being yeah if then it’s been really engaging obviously from a new patient point of view as well and kind of where Miam of me Julian s4 and managed the firm’s we found that a lot more patient and contacting us as they always seen your Instagram or Facebook you know it’s what I follow up just to find.

So I think from both aspects it’s had a really positive effect and I think he’s broken that kind of stigma and away from being your typical dentist and yeah I think we we are firm and it’s nice to show people that we can have fun as well and definitely we.

Have seen a huge increase it was the only last month we hit 500 likes which definitely everything a struggle before.

And I’ve actually where I’ve been managing the contact that we’ve had and it’s really positive response so and that’s kind of the engagement on there has increased astley and so I’m communicating with a lot more.