Ireland Travel Film

Hey we are now going to the temple bar come with me the Irish are known for their music the beer and the wind it’s cold out here we are the Shankill Stoppers within the island for ten days and we visited about ten cliffs so here you can see the River Liffey and one of the many bridges which connects.

The North and the South half of the city now we are a little bit hungry and today we are going to a typical Irish restaurant so be surprised typically fish and chips ha ha this district is called Temple Bar and it’s named after a famous rich family in Cork temple which lives.

Here a long time ago it is known for its famous restaurants pubs and.

Art galleries my favorite part of a trip to Ireland myself it’s a village near to sea and you can walk up the hill there fishermen used to trade the items there in 18th century my.

Favorite part of our trip was the visit.

To the museum called Dublin it’s museum about the history of Dublin they have three floors and on the first floor you’ll learn about Dublin in the age of the Vikings on the second floor you learn about Dublin in the middle age and on the third floor.

They tell you something about some archaeology funds in Dublin I.

Really like the museum and I even bought a wooden sward and it was really cool whoa my favorite part of our trip to Ireland were the Aran Islands we went there by.

Boat and had a bicycle tutor there I enjoyed our trip to China scoring the most which is the coast in the north of Ireland with many hexagonal.

Stone columns and we had about 2 hours to walk around there and take some nice pictures and we stopped now we are going to talk about that little did you enjoy it Dublin max yeah I.

Really enjoyed Dublin it’s a cool city and I probably would like to live there okay I think it’s cool city like Vancouver not something.

Boring is Vienna I’m sure but let’s hand the mic to max you make unary microphone so no so what do you think was the biggest failure of our trip so what do you think went wrong completely I really think yeah the day we arrived.

Was hard for all of us because it was very long we didn’t sleep much button what did you think about the language school I think it was okay it wasn’t direct Normal School in Austria it was more killed me I’m achieved like we mostly talked until like one or two things about grandma which we already did at school with you so it wasn’t odd and I’d like to teach one yeah.

Think he was a good teacher some people like more it’s didn’t.

Like him and he was really nice and teach all us about different prototypes of Irish people and.

Why do you don’t like the English people and why they don’t like the Northern Irish people which is very interesting because I am in this one country and it’s divided I think you didn’t meant to say pink honestly.

Like a bird on a tree I’m just sitting here I got time it’s clear to see from up here the world seems small we can sit together it’s so beautiful you and me we meant to be the great outdoors three.