Back To The Start || Prague 2017 || A Travel Film

Hey what’s up let’s go to Prague back in 2014 Emily studied abroad in Prague so returning to the place she called home for a few months it’s always going to be special morning it is now the day after last time I had a really joyful on the cafe I got way too drunk a drunk now we’re here at.

The Charles Bridge shunran’s Emily behind the camera despite living here for three half months actually is never been here at sunrise I’m here you’ll be elders time appears I.
Didn’t even know it existed so.

It was really high on my list to come we came back but it’s all these really small houses people that lived in the castle where their guards like that and being doesn’t look like the only people that can fit in the doors in the world falls into the sea he would still be with me we’re now at the top of each our approach tower that looks a bridge I’ll show you the other.

Side we can see exactly how many people apologies in advance this is windy we’re here that back of the Lenin wall because we wanted to not share the scene with a whole bunch of other tourists and no one’s here.

Because it was just storming a second ago and we’re a bunch of idiots it’s very windy very cold not sure how long what do we have before it starts ringing again but when a wall to ourselves tiffen telling down your spine when everyone throughout kiss me – get them judging nice who cares about ways to come though Adam fair the.

Night but so is the fears Oh yeah kids I really such cry we spent the last night running around.

All in one last time seeing the smile on Emily’s face as she rediscovered the city she loved was the best part of the whole trip.