Deal Compressor: Holiday Sales For Nov 12, 2018

Fresh from the page is a sample library review guess what guys holiday sales guide is up and running this deal compressor here is the first of the holiday sales guideposts we will be keeping a ginormous list of every sale that makes my radar over the next few weeks this page is going to always how’s the deal compressor will.

Be a new update every week their Friday sometimes twice a week because there’s so many gosh darn deals I’m talking about first up on my list here is this output sale it is there once a year saying I’m gonna put a link to our friends at plugin boutique 25% off site-wide of.

Output instruments contact player instruments as well as expansions for those instruments you guys know output you know Rev and the analog strings and I know like brass wins libraries I’m a big fan myself of substance I use this all the time for getting the bass tones whatnot it’s just a great instrument another big news hybrid 2 came out with project chaos you probably remember good good buddy.

Daniel James releasing project alpha Bravo project chaos follow up on a special intro price $199 normally 249 I’ll send you it to the link over.

At our partners on space gonna pick that up there please use our links our partners some of our partners our Commission’s so if you.

Make a purchase so no cost to you we get a little Commission helped me keep the site going keep them videos coming new from vs divas 70% off apocalypse on earth sampling six different libraries audit and a bundle included.

In those some pretty cool stuff normally 50 euros coming out for just 17 euros if anyone is interested in having me do a little first look of these please comment below let me know if there’s anything you.
See throughout the deal compressor.

That you want to learn more about I’ll see if I could get to it this week for you because I think I got a little extra time also over at beastie buzz united strings europe last chance to pick.

Up the Audax string pack only a hundred and forty nine year olds normally five hundred and sixty three euros it’s a huge savings if you want to learn more about it I did a checking out video I linked it straight over to sample library reviews checking out nice strings of your product legendary I mentioned this one like two or three weeks in a row it’s because it’s.

Design cinematic sound design great for trailers whatnot 39 euros at VST buzz and if you haven’t been over to VST buzz lately head over sign into your account and then take a look at legendary you might have earned credits to get legendary for free because they changed the way that they do and they.

Don’t have rewards points in there in there all previous workers I think its rewards points one learn more about legendary puffs checking out video here for you new over at UVI Walker footstep foley designer this looks pretty cool I know it’s gonna.
Be super useful for those creating.

Foley for you know like for films but not for me I once in a while I do have to do a little something like that if.

I have a project they just say hey can you put some sound design in as well yeah steps will be here really helpful I’m excited to check this out it’s on intro price $99 only 149 in case you missed it gothic instruments has a new drone are rolling percussion module out this is this looks really cool I want to check this out if you want to hear our first look.

Video about this chime in in the comments always love to see what you guys are thinking big fan of the drone our libraries as you probably know and speaking of drone are we’ve got.

A new review from contributor and ray Ford Ricci Joan our world flutes by gothic instruments full written review if you want to check that out include link over that below speaking of gothic instruments dan graham from gothic storm music and graphic instruments has just released a composer guide to library music.

This is such an insightful book if you don’t know Dan’s built pretty big licensing company starting I think eight years ago last time I interviewed him I.

Believe that’s what he said he’s basically started from a Google search to how to make music how to make money with music and has formed a very successful gothic store music with several labels they’ve got hundreds of releases and here he breaks down his journey and everything he’s learned and how you.

Can apply it making a living vibrating music on the link over to this it’s only 15 British pounds it’s well worth the read shredded three has been released from impact sound works this is Stratos the new strap library in the shredder two three engine very cool stuff demos sound great videos look good I haven’t had a chance.

To check it out again if you want to see something on this let me know I haven’t even had a chance to open it up myself over at Tampa tracks I’ve got the new custom tools you get a free sound pack so if you pick up custom tools I think you could pick up any of the other line phrase this sounds great I’m.
A huge sample tracks family’s guy this guy I.

Should say elisandra he does great and sound design cool stuff last chance I think it could be we late for too late no last chance to get exosphere to from sample logic at.99 and that’ll be you going back up to never a full price in just a day or two if you want to learn more about.

That I did a first look when I came out extra sir to the thing that I have to make sure if you don’t know anything about this first thing you need to know is this is a collaboration sample tracks teamed up with sound iron I’m sorry sample logic teamed up.

With sound iron sample tracks on our black deck purpose and loot masters for a very.

Broad range of sound design for this Adri Spitfire audios Eric Whitacre choirs we just missed the intro price it’s now on the full price $5.
99 and this library is really cool um you probably have heard about it because.

It really so much content interviews and whatnot to talk about it and share how the library works thing I.

Really liked about the library is that you’ve got two different modules two plugins one that does the choir articulations with the ride wide range I think a hundred and seventeen different performances and then you’ve got another instrument that does the evoke.

Grids which basically uh it’s hard to describe that but you can learn all about a head over to my first look video about halfway in if you just want to jump to the Eva grids I really like this and I think that Spitfires goal of putting together something with a kwhitaker was a big success it’s recorded in error Lyndhurst hall which makes it blend with all these fire orchestral series libraries which i think that’s a big thumbs up if you don’t get the $599 you should just.

Head over and grab the free spitfire labs choir library because these are some of the stuff from the sessions for with eric whitacre for free can you believe it pretty cool zero G’s released athira ii-v-i 2.
0 it’s on a 20 percent intro price for version 2.
0 and this is a massive collection of instruments there’s some new amazing legato vocal programming that’s been done and new samples they just updated it if you own.

Athira Evi already head over and get your update I’ll include a link to our partners time space if you want to pick it up use our link below and we’ll get a little commission I’ll just keep the site going vir.

Two instruments has mojo two horn section I cannot wait to check this out I have just got my download code I got a chance to sit with Julian from three or.

Two at NAMM last year and he played some of the samples that he’d recorded for.

It Wow can’t wait to see what they’ve done how it works.

Gonna play around if you want to first look served up comment below though yeah see what you’re thinking if you want to check that one out with me mega deals over audio plugin deal this is just you can either pick everything off all six developers for the 12 different products for 187 dollars or.

You can pick and choose what you want including ample Union gang.

Base and quite a few others I’m going to link to that in the description below dream audio tools I if you watch this every week you say da you’re probably saying dawn why are you showing us this again it’s because I can’t stop using this I have a three different pianos i layered and use for my trailer tracks and if dream Keys is a little secret weapon normally 59 heroes for 47 euros.

No big fish audio weekly deals are up Elite League keys to take you straight over to this page here you can see they’ve got audio mayhem dirty dubstep indie rock vol 2 collection funk soul.

Horns cinematic percussion chill and acid jazz acid city which brings it to my pick of the.

Week here reason being is because I had so much fun checking this thing out epic baby’s pulse sitter sounds I’m gonna tell.

You right now I got a first look video head over watch it listen to it but you can grab this for free as of this morning there was a promo code that pulse setter sounds is set passing around you download epic babies.

For free I can’t believe it this thing is so cool normally $69.99 intro price zero dollars with code check the link and description below and if there’s any place to check out – in the checkout process tell me you heard about sample library you new isotope nectar 3 is out it’s got up to 40% off if you want you found out that and old we link.

Over to all of those time-space deals that are going on right now rigid audio has November offers which look a little bit like the October offers I don’t know don’t I don’t know what what to say about that maybe maybe I’m missing something are these the same one guys anyway if you haven’t already grabbed at the outer space bundle $3 79 cents normally 75 what yeah that’s really ambi loops i reviewed some of these when they first came out really cool I just like the temperament of the rigid audio sound design.99 that’s right only 74 dollars and of course inferno 899 that’s a 90% off if you don’t already own that dollar deals triple spiral actually triple spiral spiral sample packs from butch masters $2 million 29 us got a whole bunch deals over at plugin boutique I already mentioned the output sale in the nectar 3 sale there’s far too many for me to cover individually and you know what I try to stick to things I know and use or that our reviewers have written about so here’s the ones that jumped out at my.

Radar glitch machines this cataract sample player five bucks normally $69 it’s a segment multiplexer for electronic music production what’s that mean I don’t know head over to the link and watch one of the.

Videos maybe comment below tell me what you think about it dark serum presets if you’re a serum user you probably want to pick this up $7.

Since for serum audio thing has a new effects multi-effects processor frostbite it’s on it special price nine dollars usually 35 i don’t know too much.

About it but i’ve been a big have been been a big fan of audio things plugins in the past they seem to be really cool texture I’ve had a couple people comment about texture they said they’d get picked it up or they played around with demo maybe or maybe they just it 75 bucks normally $99 it’s a multi effects processor and it looks.

Really interesting I spent some time checking it out for the day and listening to the demos and hope that was not in the ceiling that last but not least waves is two weeks early with Black.

Friday offers what does that mean well means that there’s a whole bunch of stuff on sale $29 plugins this CLA – a compressor I use this everyday I’m using right.

Now on my voice some good stuff but the reason I bring it up is because that’s all our readers and viewers save 10% off with the link and code I’ll include that in the description below this has been.

Today’s deal compressor I would love to check stuff out with you today but I have to get to working on getting the holiday sales guide finished up as you could see it’s gonna be a monster look at this you want to see what’s on sale for mm I don’t know let’s think of something maybe orange tree samples let’s click on oh that’s good orange tree samples right here no orange tree samples all they sale.

Is listed at this time you know what this will be updated once or twice or three times.

Daily depending on how many emails we get in.

I’ve reached out to all the developers.

If you’re a developer and you want to be listed it’s free to be listed send me an email head over to the new sample library review site and finally know they’re in the contact info this is gonna be cool if you haven’t.