Productized Talks – Develop A Company Culture Like A Product

So we start in another year behind the killdozer was that when you look for example to programmers and developers they share so I wanted to achieve so this is much German automotive companies also asked us with this product we’re thinking to either to design so again the and the first conversation when when did you experience company your company.

Culture very work to just maybe someone you don’t know yet and share just two minutes about your life just two minutes in what.

Direction it’s like growing the zucchini and and his idea was sometimes we’ll have to do in building and when you think about that when you take that much tougher.

How would you build this yeah so that was some the people a bit strange they are so building team building okay.

But can you build team Stackhouse and you said actually no you can grow them and growing them means like but now the question is this is this dressing the complexity within the culture in an adequate level I would say he not so when you when you take this.

God of the tougher was totally different in the company culture is that the governor so that you like a CEO and you want to do.

Something about the company culture you are a catalyst so the governor were the scientists he not talk to me when he wants to or she wants to draw the zucchini but even when you want to work on your company cutter your table data makes it very.

Tricky because this is the reflective system for your part of that system that you are trying to change other aspect of company culture of.

Course when you compare something like a garment or zucchini or thing like that a living system is that it is composed of multiple living systems like humans plus are like technical companies of course huge technology much more complex and much more woody teaming n-dimensional shocking complex and we need fussy in a way and hard to describe because we really want to change it so.

When you look at that from a product manager product owner or a designer of product design and.

Perspective then you think hey we deal with this type of complexity quite by often yeah so just to summarize system dynamics that shaped culture this extremely nonlinear and has multiple dimensions and yeah typical wicked drop down the wicked problems are the type of problems that people are more or less used to to small so when you think about a wicked problem that’s.

Our our test on a daily basis it’s technology products and people so products in markets are at least as complex as the company’s culture that creates the product for market it’s part of the market so this was it I didn’t we used in the cases that I have shown.

You in the beginning where we created knowledge transfer problems between large organizations or change problems we have used this product thinking that we.

Have learned by creating product markets for eternal purposes and this is exactly so the.
Deal the products to markets and I have seen that.

Some of you come from products this will be more like a little bit of repetition and don’t.

Want to go too much into detail that because this is something maybe then another debate between methods.