Accountability Fitness Day 3

All right so good morning everyone this this is day three of my accountability fitness journey just finished the third round of t25 I’m gonna be doing some traveling this weekend I’m gonna be very busy going to a friend’s wedding so I can’t promise that I’m going to do something maybe as intense as a t25 but I will do.

Something and you know check in just like I did the previous days just to keep this go on it’s something that.

I personally personally need and um and honestly if any of you who are viewing you know you want to join me in this journey you know that’s cool you know we can motivate one another so I’m just gonna show you something I’ve been working on something I’ve been planning on working on.

But some reason every time I got home I started focusing on the couch you know this finding the couch and stuff and so I’ve had this garage for a while not a while maybe a couple years and I said I was gonna.

Turn it into some semblance of gym so this is something that I’m working on my own personal project let’s see if I can all reverse the camera angle so it’s a little entertainment area and eventually I’ll put some air in my bike tires and that’s uh these are the weights and that’s the treadmill all those different things so I’m just gonna make some changes so that I can um rest actively you know still you.

Know while I’m you know being entertained by the program so I’m watching I could continue to uh thanks hon thank you.

Honey I could continue to uh you know just be productive with the things that God has given me so you know this is what we’re doing if you’re interested go ahead and subscribe and like the post in the future I’m going to be using this channel for fitness for music I’m taking a Dave.

Ramsey’s class as well so I would probably review on that and give you my perspective on those things right now doing t25 and I’ll also let you know what the results of that are and I hope that you all have a blessed day all right.