Exam 4 Review, Quiz 4, Convert, Aggregation+composition – Cse100 Programming With C++ 11/09

Okay let’s get started if you have a quiz to turn in make sure to turn it in quickly so while you guys are turning it in the quiz so I put up the midterm for review I’m not sure what I did but I put it up anyway so this is basically how the last midterm will go so remember.

For midterm three we covered the first half of chapter 9 this one will do the second half so basically.

Only you only need to know things about bubble and selection sort as well as in general how do we measure the runtime of algorithms so based off of that you should be thinking about okay how long does double sort take.

How long does selection sort take so look at those algorithms and see how does it behave if I give it a really bad input what if I give it a really good input that sort of thing so think about how that relates to the.

Sort algorithms we talked about then we talked about pointers so basically everything with pointers yeah so everything.

About creation of pointers and then more importantly everything about smart pointers so understand a unique and shared cutter and how they work and why they’re better than raw pointers which is kind of what the quiz was about anyway but that.

Sort of thing and how we get how do we do dynamic memory allocation what a dangling pointer is that sort of thing and then chapter 11 we basically went up.

To this farm so copy constructor operator overloading so assignment operator that’s the same thing our value.

Last time move constructor default and then everything.

About predicates and then function objects to pass to and I’ll show you a quick example of that in a second so whatever we get to today I hope we get to all of this but I’m doubtful so we’ll see how far we get however far we get today is what we’ll be tested on the 10 on the test I guess and then I’ll update this accordingly and the good.

Thing about the test is there’s no programming at all on your part so it’ll.

Be 10 multiple-choice questions as before no difference there and three short answer questions so we’re kind of more onto the.

Reasoning of what approaches best type of thing you know how to program already I don’t I don’t.

Really need to test you that any more so for example my friend has this strategy to implement this algorithm for this data set or this algorithm for this data for the same data set which one’s better and why it’s.
A reasoning about what is better under.

What circumstances is a good thing like the quiz for example when is shared put or better than unique litter so reasoning about what concept is better under what circumstances so when you inevitably program for something maybe completely unrelated you can.

Use this knowledge about what algorithm is best you think for this data set or which one’s faster which one is consumes less memory should we use a unique shared putter or a raw pointer that sort of thing okay and there are three questions on that front with 10 bonus as usual any questions about the test itself ok anyone not turn into quiz because I can show the solutions if.

Everyone’s turned today ok so let’s show the solutions no one can turn it in now all right so the this quiz I think was pretty straightforward so this one is you have to put the.