Social Media Inspired Dresses! Jayden Kennedy

Hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s Jaidyn and today I’m doing a I’m decorating some social media themed dresses and I designed them last night the night before I did I was filming this and I was really excited to film the me actually doing them and so I decided to do it today and now I’m doing the.

YouTube dress and I’m just going to sketch them out or just roll them out and then I will color them later and don’t forget to tell me which one that you liked best after this video I already know which one I like best but you’re gonna have to wait and.

See this dress is the snapchat dress and it is the one that I don’t like out of all of them as much because it didn’t really turn.

Out how I wanted it to but I think it’s still alright but I’ll explain more about all these dresses whenever I get to coloring them sorry kids also I’m working on the Twitter one and I decided to change up the feathers.

Because they kind of looked like crap on the rough draft so I made them look more realistic and you can’t really see them right now but you will you have smoke I was gonna say later but I didn’t know is coming nothing but now I’m coloring in.

The YouTube dress and I’m coloring in all the triangles read the YouTube was probably my least favorite actually because it wasn’t very creative to me I mean the snapchat I didn’t like either but it’s a little better than the YouTube one I think so the YouTube one was really fast to color and now.

I’m moving on to the vine one and I’m using this like light blue a green color and then I’m gonna go in with some greens on the vine part on the vines also I’m sorry that the camera is kind of far away from the drawings but at least I let you guys see it every now and then.

A little closer my idea for the snapchat dress was just to have like a white like whenever you try to refresh the page uh-huh it has that little ghost.

That’s like puking a rainbow and I did like a white heart like the ghost and then rainbow outside but I wanted it to look like it was coming like making the shape of a white heart but like the rest was rainbow but I didn’t really know how to do that very well so I just made a heart and then some.

Colors over happened it for the Twitter dress I just made a crisscross pattern.

For the shirt and it’s supposed to look white and then a blue skirt.

And a black belt and with some white feathers but they’re just not even white anymore because I changed the style of them and if.

My head gets out of the way you can see that I’m making the Instagram one and since it’s kind of like.

Some sunset colors I kind of I made a sunset over like an ocean and I just randomly got inspiration to draw these so I mean that’s kind of why they’re not like this is a pretty.

Quick video it wasn’t quick to make though but I’m going in with a few blues and a green for the water and thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye.