Doona Infant Car Seat Us Version Review, Best Stroller To Travel With . Light And Small In Size

Hey it’s me le for magic beans and in this video I’m going to be showing you the 2017 Doudna infant car seat stroller combination super cool technology baby care products I can’t wait to show it to now if you have any questions about the Doudna or any other infant car seat or any other stroller for that matter I.

Know what you need to do you need to email me your questions to questions at or you can leave a comment below and remember the Doudna is available from us for free shipping here’s the review the.

Doudna is one of the most innovative products that we sell here at magic beans it is an infant car seat.

And it is super safe one of the reasons why it’s safe is that it has all of these extra wheels and housings on the outside that if you were god forbid in a side-impact collision is really going to absorb all the energy of the collision which makes the baby very very safe and secure on the inside of the infant car seat not only.

Do you have all that great side in bed protection but the handlebar also doubles as a rebound.

Bar so if you’re god forbid in a crash the car seats gonna move this way and then it’s gonna move rebound in this direction that handlebars gonna stop the motion and keep the car seat even more secure but the reason why people buy the Doudna and I can’t wait to.

You is that not only is it an infinite car seat but it’s also a stroller it turns into a stroller let me show you what you do is you remove it from the base and then.

What you do on the back here you just pull out this white part the wheels pop out goes down to the ground have the handlebar towards you.

And push it around now what you can do is push this around as a stroller now I wouldn’t recommend this as your primary stroller but if you live in the suburbs you’re on the go.

Or loved to go to the mall or walk through airports and travel a lot the this is going to.

Be an invaluable piece of baby gear for you because you don’t have to carry a second car seat or a snap and go with you so if you’re walking around if you live in New York City and then you want to hail a tuber or hail a taxi all you do is again push this down put this in the upright position but I normally do is leave my foot or right against the back wheel which gives me extra leverage and you.

Just push this down gently right to the ground and you lift right back into an infant car seat and then if you’re going into your own car you’ll click it into the base but.

If you are in a taxi what you’ll do is you’ll install it without the base let me show you how that works what you do is again you push the handle bar forward and then what you do is there’s this little notch.

And you’ll put your seatbelt through and you’ll click it in and there’s something called a.

European belt path so what you’ll do is you’ll take the seat belt you’ll put it behind and put it through this blue slot in the back you pull the seat belt all the way out to lock to change around the.

Retractor and then it is in there really securely and then all you have to do is unbuckle buckle it remove the seat belts undo it from the.

European belt path and you’re on your way the base is a pretty simple base it comes with standard latch connectors and all you have to do is click one latch in the second latch in push down some tension and pull it tight and installs less than one inch of movement at the base and click it back in so I hope you liked my review of the 2017 Doudna infant car seat stroller available from us at magic beans now.
If you have any questions about the Doudna.

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