More Phone Deals From Mercari!!

Guys tech they want to hear and recently I got all of these from Akari these two of arrived today and this arrived about four days ago so let’s get straight into the video so the first item is going to be this iPod Touch 4th generation it’s 32 gigabytes as you can see on the back and it does work.

Full it fully it’s fully functional I’ll say that it just has this white LCD spot and the reason there’s tape on the top is because a little piece of glass sticks up if it’s not and it kind.

Of does a weird thing the LCD and I don’t want to break the LCD like would happen with another youtuber who had you know I I don’t know he doesn’t make a video on it so.

Mention him but yeah 32 3 bytes fully functional in Iowa six point one point six sadly but I had no passcode which doesn’t really matter but I just reset it from there and it works fine when you show you’ve been listing of where I got it from so here you go I’ll turn down.

The brightness a tad bit so you can see it better here we go it’s an iPod Touch 4th generation you could.

See it’s cracked and I got it for $8.

00 and as close to 11 days ago with $4 shipping and it said ipod touch 4 parts cracked screen not your functional so I bought it just as a risk because I do 32 gigabytes that max version is actually 64 gigabytes believe it or not so yeah basically without a fully functioning iPod Touch 4th generation for about 12 dollars I could.

Also show you but it’s 32 gigabytes and not just a weird casing here we go.

32 gigabytes and I was six point one point six so let’s get on to the next device okay so the next deal was this iPhone 5 silver it is 16 gigabytes and it’s on iOS.

3 point 2 they turn down the brightness a tad.

Bit it does have a broken power button which was not disclosed but that doesn’t really matter as I will show you I got it for a really good deal so if you go to general and about its white I’d silver but it’s nine point three point two and.

16 gigabytes and of course it works fine and let me show you the listing so the listing it said it was 13 dollars actually it used to be $15 didn’t see up here price the $30 and they asked.

If you could do 13 she said to let me know by the end of the.

Day and nobody ended up getting it by the end of the day so she changed the price to 13 let me get it so the issue was who’s for parts only and turns on but it’s and said.

Nothing about the broken power permit doesn’t matter but the IMEI was clearly listed in the photos he can check it if.

He wants not really didn’t do anything but yes listen the photos I checked it and I had no I clawed I just chucked it like say maybe why not I’ll just check it out.

And it had no iCloud as if my office so I was wondering what they meant by locked but eventually I bought it for thirteen dollars and then it arrived today and.

Set screen so I was scared that it just had a replaced housing that setup my off and it was iCloud locked but then I said lovin it had no I called lock and I was confused and I asked him why was it locked and.

The said it was just carrier locked to Verizon I don’t know I guess it’s blacklisted maybe actually no it didn’t say that on the IMEI checker so I don’t know what they mean by that but yeah obviously it works fine it has been dropped a couple.

Times you can see the power buttons really scratch I don’t know how that happened but yeah sorry that’s a more card notification on is a plus but yeah power button doesn’t work literally all of my white iPhone 5s which is about to have broken power buttons this is included into I don’t know I’m just my other lightweight iPhone 5 on says bad carbon.

I’ve never had a silver iPhone 5 with a bad power button surprisingly I guess it’s.

Just a white thing oh wow that didn’t sound great let’s get on to the next phone so about that notification yep it was actually about the HTC phone so that’s what the notification was it was about them rating me back which it.

Gave that gives them the money for the phone so yeah it’s get onto this phone okay so this is an HD to an HTC Desire 530 and.
It does indeed work perfectly fine.

Let me turn down the brightness a tad but I need to do this on all the phones I didn’t prepare but yeah it.

Was Google locked as it said in the listing which I’ll show you soon but I could have bypassed it in the car when I had it but it was dying and.

We only had to set one crappy charger.

Because my mom was using the other charger and also it wouldn’t download things and I thought it was an issue with my Wi-Fi hotspot but it turned out it to be a different thing but I eventually bypass it and it works fine it’s unlocked now I can show actually no I can’t I disabled the app so yeah you won’t be able to see that but it is unlocked and I can show you it’s 16 gigabytes which is what surprised me actually I thought it’d be a.

Quick bytes but nope 16 I’ll show that to you guys cuz that’s kind of weird but it’s really nice and Murphy once you’ve three actually found this phone a while ago and I thought it.

Was really cool in Austin Evans made a video on it so I was happy to finally get one let me show you the.

Listing right now there’s a listing HTC smartphone for parts this is the the listing I could tell.

Was cracked you could see that in the photos and showed pretty much everything I wanted to see and I checked description it was ten dollars in poor condition.

Was locked MetroPCS it seems to work seem to still work and solve problems that said I will communicate to Google servers and it’s.

Locked and has scratches on the screen which I don’t actually think it does no just I would never mind it does but it’s like really fine scratches but yeah eventually you know I got.

Bypassed the Google lock up sorry but yeah I might pass the Google lock in now it works perfectly fine and I got it for ten dollars but technically fourteen dollars but ten dollars for the actual price of the phone.

So yeah that was pretty nice and I’m actually considering maining this phone because it’s just that so nice it had a lot of blow up but I cleaned it off i disabled all of the bloat so now it’s just a really nice phones on android 6 and I think I actually might switch for my Moto’s YouTube force to this.