Bluejudy46 Entertainment: Kid Temper Tantrum Destroys Ipad

So so the kid got his iPad good it’s good I paint 70 the iPad we work why don’t you worry stupid iPad is broken you know what that’s it please don’t do that yeah it’s so greasy right chicken nugget over it no no hey stop it now you’re gonna mess it up this is a stupid joke I won’t.

Work front front probably broke in do put don’t see some iPad why won’t you work it’s broken alright tears it broken okay they still in do it stop please I.

Don’t give a of it stop from a knife it is not working alright alright alright just II Listed yeah yeah yeah just do it sit gosh deal with it just do it I’m gonna be good do big dumb here’s a iPad hey watch your mouth you need watching Matt right now I’ll give a welcome just down making a mess over it see see see see see you’re ruining listen he’s broken okay it’s not broken yeah mama I.

Had a new baby okay yeah oh yeah oh yeah guys Mommy has a new oh yeah you yeah thank you guys you didn’t you didn’t see is quite but there’s one he he lanterns just just how he’s having another baby and here’s the baby say.

Hi baby what if you open that door I swear Johnny Johnny what the are you doing Johnny Johnny stop it right now no.

Johnny stop this whoops I pad won’t work Johnny Johnny Johnny stop it Johnny Johnny Johnny why are you doing it right now you make the baby crying what Johnny what is rock you don’t do that Johnny what are you doing Johnny pick out your armpit right now Johnny you’re not gonna start it all right.

Yeah one one one pick up your iPad right now Johnny won’t hit the camera here I don’t want to pick up my iPad you’re nine years old you should have doing that Johnny pick up the iPad right now and why do you make a mess down.
There stand there and he’ll buddy hey excuse me Johnny don’t you.

Ever do that stop dude shut up you idiot close the door we want to be to come in Johnny pick up your head right now hey hey nice I’m violet which.

Is dead hey guys I’m right it wishes that that that that means dad dad got your own and and your mom are having.

A fight I stopped it know what a what a coconut man Johnny pick up the item right now no food Johnny now you make the baby cry again could you you want son live head over there what is wrong with you Johnny Johnny kid digger put on over here Johnny did you put down no Johnny Johnny.

I’m here dad okay papa but what I’m wanting Hey hey you need a stop here stop messing up the chicken nuggets hey John this crap Johnny Johnny Johnny Weir if you look lift up that iPad and you see me hard on the ground you’re grounded you’re here me you’re grounded Johnny Johnny you brought get in your room right now No get in your room right now.
No get in your room right now because I’m not playing with you just get.

In your room I don’t care I said Johnny I’m going to I’m going to have to call Superman for you Rajon Johnny it’s a friend jump I’m please please PLEASE wine business wait wait wait wait a minute I know wait we mean why wait when you.

Leave my my own business john-john Johnny’s is misbehaving right now Oh pick up your I’m running out there soon it see you later you chicken say.

You’re kicking yourself but now look what you did you put grease over me you better grab your aren’t you grab your i-pad grab your iPad Ronnie no I.

Wanna bring iPad Johnny knew you did put you yeah winner winner chicken dinner ha ha ha I put some chicken on your face and now put your.

Donkey don’t you hear winner winner chicken dinner no mom picking on my iPad I’m gonna I’m gonna have to take.

Your private parts help me help me No Oh your your your honor come on right now no not going it’s going.

I don’t want to go to juvenile hall you’re not going to give me a home Gary too young for that no timeout nope nope Oh calm down Oh careful climbing down I’m killing next hey don’t try and see that thank that that’s it dad what should.

I do now just hold the camera okay okay hold the camera okay yeah good isn’t.

Stupid kids no dad gosh these stupid kids bad for them hey what’s on you do don’t unwrap those on YouTube Hey stop breaking it.

Right now No that’s it you’re on the timer for 20 minutes okay guys we need to call stupid a foot for this kid because we can’t see destroys everything he throws debate.
And not the baby hanging at her I please just don’t that baby..