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All the thing you’re going to learn to do but emails the look that you used to drive sales to your customers now the last one I want to talk about is well I’ll talk about a few more actually but one of the lot the next most important ad platform okay customers visit their restaurant or their dirt dentist office and all that Facebook.

Is gonna do the same thing but on a hyper targeted like if your customer says my best clients are 44 to 40 what we don’t believe like this really encouraged to progress not gently quickly whatever welcome to.

This lesson this lesson is called the business model now there’s a book called the the J curve it’s about entrepreneurship how you grow a business and one of the six steps they call it the J curve of business is perfecting the business model and so I want you to understand from day.

One what the general business model is and it’s this you will acquire one to ten customers who pay you a monthly fee of one to $5,000 for email people paying you a thousand to five thousand dollars a month so that you.

Can get a six-figure income have a video brand video on the front to tell the story of the business it doesn’t collect emails it doesn’t happen you’re gonna do what are you gonna do for them you’re gonna help them optimize their website now you don’t have to be a computer programmer a lot of them already have a webmaster you’re gonna.

Show them how to change a few things how to write things a little nicer they can pay you a thousand dollars a month.

From you twenty-five hundred dollars a month or five thousand dollars a month the more they pay obviously the more services you’re adding and the last thing that you’re doing is you’re helping them do search naming your company very important ok this lesson is gonna cover a simple but very important part of you starting your own social media marketing agency what do you name your company people ask me this.

All the time logos we’re gonna get into that how to form your LLC all that let me just say in a simple video one thing I recommend you do kind of come up with a brand name as opposed to and this is the number one mistake I see people doing businesses don’t name the business after yourself don’t call it you know I wouldn’t.

Call it a tie Lopes social media marketing agency why well if you ever want to sell the business right you’re gonna sell it to another company well that company knows that you’re leaving when you.

Sell it to them but you still has your name attached so that means either they won’t buy it from you or they’ll pay less money and so I recommend you come up with more of a branded name around an angle and when you watch the other videos we have another video on like how to find your niche so let’s say your niche is.

You’re gonna go after cosmetic surgeons or you’re gonna go after Dennis are you gonna go after pizza restaurants pizza stores I recommend you build your brand around that niche now it might take you.

A little while to know that niche but because you might need to experiment a little bit you can always change the name of the company especially at the beginning so don’t feel like once you pick a name it’s locked in forever I’ll show you how you can make your LLC a generic name so your LLC can.

Be like you know like for me it can be like my initials or something Holdings so it could be you know.

TL Holdings or whatever you want to name the LLC name is not necessarily the name the public has to.

See right now I’m gonna show you how to do know let’s say my LLC is called the TL Holdings LLC so you know very amazing video important and very helpful content isn’t unit this one you can see can turn off more content like booming.

Your company because your domain is oh it’s not my skin you can see.

Turn off video in the first section but you can see it is a lot more I don’t want to install there are videos and audios as.

Well it’s C so I highly recommend it when you entrust.

Rate in this course on anyone.

Want to start their online social.

Media marketing agency or business because there’s a lot of fuss about still a lot to learn and understand and people are not using social media correctly like tell me they should be using is a lot more money for you and you can dump not from this world so if you’re interested they sent me to push my human at home in ID and if it were part of one more continue and I.

Will give you access you can see I have done of other courses from tile bands like VidCon cryptocurrency great mentor intrapreneur shorter care talk unless you’re burning how to make money online my kropogs million not report on social media suitcase okay Tomic see you and talk so the sender proclaim.

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