Download Social Media Marketing Agency Smma 2018 By Tai Lopez

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In this group you can see this one is divided into three parts for 20 lakhs it was a coding part 1 1 1 2 fold the bonus will available there’s overall plus it’s available and we do provide an audio format as.

Well and the videos are available in how much they can listen to them 120 welcome to the program you’re about to learn how to start your own social media marketing agency how you can get certified how you can get small businesses to.

Pay you to manage their social media their marketing in general so that you can travel a whirl make money have fun I’m actually here in Palm Springs at a resort that I go to and.

That’s all possible in terms of my lifestyle because I’ve been able to build businesses.

The right way for my lifestyle choices and my lifestyle kind of desires which is.
Freedom to be financially independent and that’s.

What this program is all about minimum goal that you achieve they’re paying you a thousand bucks a month which pays for the program you know more than pays for the program because it’s a monthly contract you’re gonna get them to.

Sign a billion minutes watched and I’m gonna show you how you can do that for other businesses and how they’ll.

Pay you to do that which is a beautiful thing a simple business plan that I’m gonna show you you’re gonna focus on building a six-figure income for yourself all right what do you have to do to achieve that we need to attract about one customer a month for 12 months some of the customers you know will stay.

For the long term and some a little more cancel but if you do that.

And on average you have six to eight clients paying you and you have you’re gonna I’m gonna show you how to build multiple nine to twelve months past experience and sauce the second thing you’re gonna.

Learn is actually you’re gonna practice on yourself by becoming a social media marketing master of your own social media I’m.

How to do branding and tell stories so that when you start getting 100 customers you need to have the.

Business skills to know how to manage ok important lesson here I want to give you a quick overview on all the.

Social media channels all at once in one 15 20 minute video I try to do these videos about the length of a TED talk because they say the average attention span or.
Span for people is about 18 minutes so let’s talk about.

All the social media and internet marketing channels not just social media but also internet marketing because remember it’s called social media marketing and Internet agency might sometimes.
I just keep the word internet marketing out because.

You’re gonna not only do social media marketing but everything related to the world wide web the internet where most businesses are the weakest.

Most old small businesses they know how to do conventional marketing they know how to do signs and coupons and they know how to do billboards and they know how to do phone marketing and flyer marketing and but when it comes to social media and internet they’re novices that’s where you come in is long for cosmetic surgeon um it’s you would use YouTube on their home page a YouTube embedded video and on their YouTube channel that you could help them open you would.

Show them you would tell the story of like a testimonial of a client somebody who had you know always had an issue with a mobile on their face and you can talk one or two minutes on how that person was bullied growing up and.

This and this and how they met this surgeon on how the surgeon performed this operation how it’s.

Changed our life that’s like a five minute story long for okay so four city notes long form that’s YouTube which is a very.

Powerful medium that you can do for your clients and bring them a lot about you second social media channel I don’t talk about is Instagram let’s talk about Instagram so what is Instagram best at well instagrams changed a little bit with instagrams stories now it is my belief that Instagram stories has not replaced snapchat stories.

So do you have regular Instagram if you’re not familiar and a place to reach a slightly older or twitter is loud that means you could post a lot on Twitter doesn’t.

Mean you have to post for your customers but if you look at these campaigns doll that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton if you look at some of the top people who have huge Twitter accounts they’re posting I’ve seen Tim Ferriss post five times in one hour again you wouldn’t.

Necessarily do that continually for your clients but maybe when your client is having a big sale having a big push or a specific action they want their customers to take you may want to use Twitter more often post a lot but Twitter’s the loudest you.

Don’t have to worry much about over posting on Twitter and I have a separate video on Twitter on how you can.

Use Twitter to do a lot of testing that’s another cloud whenever it’s loud whenever you can post a lot it’s a great place to do a lot of tests I test things or Instagram before I post to Instagram or Facebook all oftentimes test them on Twitter cuz I could put 10 posts up real fast see which one gets the most favorites and retweets without bothering my audience if you post 10 times in one hour on Instagram you’re gonna probably.

Start bothering your if you posted ten times on a YouTube ten videos of YouTube in one day you’re gonna see diminishing returns you don’t always see diminishing returns with Twitter.

By posting more I for myself I post about eight times a day on an.

Ideal day sometimes more sometimes less okay next social media let’s talk about a non social media platform email is your gonna help.

With email and internet marketing to email think of email this way it is the lifeblood of marking okay so when you think.

It social media is very important website very important you know sales funnels all the contests.