Travel With Me!

Today’s Saturday tomorrow morning at like really early morning before it’s even considered morning leave where are we going that’s a surprise don’t Ford the veil because that’s watch you’re new around here I’m sure chef kitchen I really enjoyed these subscribe can you even hear me I’m not sure about this monster ugliest shirt your face isn’t in this to.

Know what Stan Oh back around I have one more milky but like update it’s a lot later now we’re.
Here at my grandparents house but we’re.

It’s really late and I’m really tired so I have to pack and then I have to get up and like green half hours so that’s awesome good morning guys why is this I know 30 minutes we have no idea what we’re going.

Morning we’re doing lovely my brothers don’t look at him so excited our cleansers boarding like 15 minutes or so Chinese or not checking.

Anything that there are its and me my every journey because I wanted a way the last one by 3:30.

Alarm everyone else no sleep sisters dancer out of the airport we didn’t have any check-in so we don’t have.

To wait for anything that’ll be walking on up I know Jamaica we’re on our own bow with people helping us out here so pretty just me nicer thank you hope you.

Enjoyed this video I’m gonna wrap it up here just because I’m gonna start the next vlog now my next vlog is going to be a tour of.

Place cuz everyone always wants me to do since we’re wrapping it up I’ll let you guys know we are here shangri-la Hotel & Resort here in Boracay we’ve never been here before this to do.

I’m gonna have it up in three different parts so this part is the traveling part then the next one is going to be like the hotel suite tour and then the third one is going to be just a vlog of the whole few days yeah so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed this video I’ll see you guys in a few days.

So make sure you have your notifications on so you don’t miss it and.

I’ll see you guys next week with another video peace out an extra for you guys to have requests gladly another breakfast yes I forgot it’s gonna be that good one.