Brutal Af ! Huda Beauty New Nude Palette Review & Tutorial | Mei

Hey guys welcome back to a brand new video my name is Wayne and we are going to be talking about a really new very hot off the press eyes shadow palette and that is the head of beauty a new nude palette we are going to be getting into the tutorial portion of this which is how I created this.

Look using this palette but I just kind of want to briefly go over my thoughts and opinions on this palette so this is a $65 palette from.

Sephora you can also get on their websites but if you’re like me and you like to buy things in person and be there live in an action then Sephora is the place where you could get this out this is an 18 pan eyeshadow palette it says that there.

Are five ready to layer textures 10 mattes for multi reflective shadows to press glitters one pressed pearl and one concealer base we’re gonna take a look at those finishes right now but here is just what the package looks like to be honest it is beautiful I know that it’s not like the most insane.

Seen in your life but it is just so simple and sleek and very clean lucky you have a pretty good sized mirror and at the.

Bottom it actually says hooded Beauty then.

You have your 18 shades so obviously the maps you can tell which ones they are you do have that one concealer shade one pressed pearl right here which is kinky the other two glitters which is excites and infatuated in the four multi reflective shadows in crave fantasy daydream and charm so I’m not gonna do swatches of the maps.

Because we all obviously know what the mattes look like it’s pretty self-explanatory but.

Reflective shadows that one at the top is fantasy this.

One is crave this one is daydream and this pinky swatch is charm can see they’re just they’re really reflective and then in person you can see that there are different flecks of shimmer.

In there and then even in the pan you can tell that they kind of have like this cottage cheese type of look to them but I think that’s just the chunks of shimmer they’re kind of mixed in there and pressed into the pan then once you grab the shade and swatch it or get it with a brush it.
All kind of blends into this so the reflex just all kind of blend.

In with one another one another to give a really really reflective shade and then that’s what I have on my lids I was really surprised that this actually as chunky.

As that looks you can kind of see that right there it’s falling off because i swatched it pretty heavily but when you take those reflective shadows to the eye and you.

Use either your finger or your brush there’s actually not any fallout I was a little worried about fallout to be honest when I saw this I was like whoa that’s like fallout central the meshes that I used also I didn’t get any kind of fallout this is the pressed pearl which i think is just kind of a fancy term for like a shimmery or you know pearlescent shadow but that one’s kinky nothing too exciting everybody just kind of everyone has.

A shade like that you know what I mean and then the two glitters.

Which is excites and infatuated I was actually pretty surprised by this so excites it’s kind of just like a by the.