Fortnite Based Games Other Than Creative Destruction Are Useless

Love in urdu very all these games again I’m not allowed to play this we’re not allowed to play this now I will play this this this this this this this this this this this in this very game and unbroken basketball not your fault so guys it up there double over back again with another video and today this is.

Gang boring I uploaded that too many times this this big green basketball I cannot.

Upload because that will just be weird and I’m a bad commentator can I do other than gaming reaction videos hey what can I react to because I watch everything know I don’t.

Know my own arcade is low barks at first and in creative destruction Virtua Tennis is old and I don’t even want to play that game roblox needs an update and you brought guys probably want to see them I’m broken basketball battle and it’s annoying alright and they won’t even let me join in any tournaments big when I’m not even allowed to play a big one football big win soccer real boxing creative destruction virtual beggar stickman survival Virtua Tennis.
I don’t wanna bleed I get snapchat right that’s already made game that’s a.

Social media why would I record Instagram yeah why would I record a hardwood why would I play minecraft I got it download a game but all of these games that are advertising on my screen are trash I’m not interested ain’t dumb you can see I’m consistent in sports sports racing I don’t even have a racing game oh wait I do yeah here and here well mostly sports oh I.

Keep asking you guys can’t see clearly so uh I guess I’m gonna be sir thing five hours on the place goes by and even recommend it for me what you mean it’s basketball games you know you have a human brain like their basketball this morning or afternoon or early afternoon I just played a bunch of or night based games and none of them were as good as creative destruction nope no my tank I’m not advertising any games no your lower ab sponsor me that makes sense since I.

Only have like 42 subscribers so I had nothing I actually told you about about okay of.

Destruction so I should have tried it this was the best game this was a best game right here except I wasn’t good it was really good no one’s thing it.

Laser cats I don’t know it was not it was not like it’s names not that bad girl mad mad do guys know a game other than create these structures.

That’s as good as create destruction or it screams instruction just the best how many times did I say create destruction oh my gosh I say again well I play this game but I don’t think I actually believe this game I actually used to upload it but uh I don’t think there wasn’t really yeah no thanks sir wait serious chat star is a easy city they used to be popular and great what’s it called yarn you’re in chat fiction and Naropa that there’s cliff finger oh yeah.

That game this game this game I tried it before I don’t like it it’s graphics are not by creative.

Destruction or for that that’s one of those many people games where you where you just like tiny and then the view is from your head the view is from your head and you move around like those games I don’t know feeling talking about what is pretty hard to find a game no game it sounds good as this game this game is free this game is free it does not require any I don’t even know where I’m looking at it does not require any here address phone number.

Or anything air for name requires it’s just the yeah nothing nothing nothing bad in this game not nothing coffee complicated.

It’s just that game I can’t even get that game anymore because like I already told.

My brother about it he said you would download and now it’s season 3 and I’ve disappoint myself.