Q&a My Social Media Chooses!!

Start my own YouTube channel I know I’ll never be famous cuz right now I have like one fan but I don’t.

Really care what other people think of me I don’t care if they don’t like my channel I do this because I want do this I don’t do this because of the people tell me to and that is how I want to live my life yeah I have problems.

But I’m very brave okay it’s tough my favorite sports so as you guys already probably know I told you guys this earlier but I don’t know dance is considered a sport some people say it is and some people say it’s not I say it’s considered a sport because you’re still like losing weight and stuff but anyway I love dancing dancing is my passion and I want to dance for.
The rest of my life I just it’s my favorite thing to do.

So always follow your dreams and follow your passion and my dream is to be a professional dancer and to be a teacher I think all being all professional dancer but and.

Dancing is my passion so I saw my passion sue my best ok wait my best friends I already told you guys that in.

The beginning animals okay so how many and what kind so I have two dogs Oliver and Annabelle they are both Westies and they are part of my life I love them so much in there just like part of my life so my social media is so my.

Social medias I do have Facebook post on Facebook so I’m not even gonna put that in the description but I do have Instagram snapchat and musically links are all gonna be in the bio so if you guys have any other questions for me please comment them in that.

Is in the description in the comments below so I can answer them and do a part two but I do have some other questions for you.

Don’t want to bore you guys with all my questions so I’m gonna do a part two later but in case you guys don’t know I love slime but yes.

I will do a part two of this probably later today because I’m still waiting on a lot of other questions so I will do those in my next videos so please skaars if you haven’t already and please like this video guys try to eat at least 5 likes cuz I have likes I’ll have like like videos I have like two likes so try to get to 5 likes guys and if you guys can get to 5 likes who what should I.

Do I’ll throw away my most favorite slime and you guys don’t even know my most favorite slime this is probably my most favourite slime it is a black slime with buttons in it yeah guys I will throw this time away if we can get just 2 5 likes it’s gonna be so sad but I.

Will yes guys try to get to 5 likes I’ll throw away my slime so guys I’ll see you guys in.

My next video which is probably gonna be later today.