Q&a My Social Media Chooses!!

What’s up guys welcome back to my channel what’s hanging what Gucci I have problems so um today I’m doing a Q&A because I’m kind of new on YouTube and I thought I’d be cool for a lot of my YouTube subscribers I have like two now very much but I thought if more people subscribe to my channel they would.

Probably want to know a lot about me first of all I always get my nails done yes I always get my nails done so that’s one thing that I.

Had you so I had my snapchat in my musically I asked a bunch of questions so I have much questions here my list I didn’t post any on my Instagram because.

My Instagram I always do polls and things so I never want to ask questions I don’t know why I just I never do that so yeah I always get my nails done um my first question is who is my favorite male and female youtuber so my favorite um technically I don’t really.

Have a male and female youtuber but I have a favorite family YouTube channel and that.

Is jelly Jelly Belly TV so go subscribe to their channel um also subscribe to my if you haven’t already in please like this video I don’t like your guys’s videos back but yeah and they’re my favorite they have some they have a daughter and she has a channel called it’s just JJ go subscribe to her channel also yeah um what do I find most attractive in people whoa sorry guys I click my pen all the time I need to stop.

That okay so this was kind of hard question but like I like people who don’t really care how like how am I supposed to.

Wear this I like people who don’t care what I think I am a brave person and if they don’t like that I’m.

Brave then they’re like completely out of the picture like my friend Amelie she’s we and we get along but.

I also like um things that we have in common yeah my best friend is my in case you guys didn’t know so I can check off that one because I already did that yeah some best friend is Amelie I would say more but I want to hurt other people’s.
Feelings so I’m not gonna say anymore but um yeah.

Lot of the same things so we both had dance and we loved to dance dance he used my passion I don’t think she likes is it as much as I do I can’t talk today but I love dancing it’s my passion we booth like snipe and we always on Saturday or Sunday or Thursday or Friday so in between Thursday and Sunday we always go out for coffee at Target and we shop.

Around and stuff and it just it’s just fun to be around people like I know weird but yeah so we always we like the same things and yeah so that’s how it is that late it’s like bothering me this is good angle but no stay stop yeah scuse me oh my god I have problems so another.

Question is my favorite ice cream flavor guys I am so basic I don’t know if.

You guys know our basic I am I like chocolate ice cream I like vanilla ice cream but mostly what I eat is chocolate ice cream I leave vanilla ice cream with like toppings.

But I can’t eat a plain like Allstate normal chocolate ice cream that’s like what I do so another thing is right start a YouTube channel well so for like two to four years now I have always been watching YouTube I always watch.

People’s YouTube videos and I thought someday that I would.