Travel Tips For Electrosensitive People

Hi guys it’s amber and I am here today in Phoenix at the Hilton Point Gua Peak resort something like that it’s a really long name a really fun place to bring kids they have an amazing water park with a slide a lazy river basketball in the pool so if you are looking for a good place to bring your.

Kids check out this resort and for people with EHS it is somewhat of a haven in a city with a lot of Gwen.

Towers or cellphone towers the the readings here my signal on my phone is pretty low the hotel does have free Wi-Fi in every rooms so I am picking up a signal in in our room and it’s not.

Super high but it’s higher than what I’m used to and it’s probably a little bit high for people with EHS so I wanted to talk to you today about some essential travel tips for for people with EHS and the first one.

Is to check antenna search comm you can put in the address of the hotel you’re thinking about staying at and see what kind of towers are around you and how close they are so that would be my first tip obviously if you’re going somewhere in a big city there’s going to be a lot.

More electrosmog so that’s something to be aware of and come prepared call the hotel ahead of time.

And just let them know that you have EHS and that you need a room preferably on the first floor and also something is far away from any wireless devices or major appliances what have you so sometimes hotels have these big generators you want.

To get a room as far away from those as you can and again the first floor is usually better just because they tend to mount communications equipment on rooftops.

Although that’s not always the case so call ahead take your meter buy any f MF meter if you haven’t already I have a coordinate meter.

And it is about 160 170 dollars on Amazon pick one up if you can it’s been a great investment for me and it measures not just radio frequencies but also.

Magnetic frequencies and electric fields in your room if you have a meter just walk around with it.
Take measurements if you don’t just.

Be on the lookout for anything like I home clocks for example.

Is one thing I wasn’t aware of until I used my meter and those put off radio frequencies even when they’re unplugged unfortunately so so just be aware of that I am I am an Apple user so I’m not trying to knock Apple products but just being aware that they can tend to.

Put off more radiation and so you could unplug it at least don’t sleep with it right next to your bed plug it into a different outlet Mylar blanket so.

This is a great tip for traveling I picked up a six pack on Amazon for less than $10 and because you probably will get some.

Wi-Fi radiation exposure when you’re staying at a hotel you can put the Mylar blanket under the comforter on the bed for example and that does help block out some of the radiation I actually slept pretty well last night using my Mylar blanket it makes a little bit of.

Noise a little bit of a crinkling noise when you roll over but is not too bad it’s not too loud and again I do think it helped me to get some good sleep last night despite being exposed to a little bit higher.

Levels of radiation than I used to supplements bring your supplements especially magnesium so right now I’m taking a powdered magnesium called Meg calm with calcium I’ve also taken their brand without calcium and they both work really well.

I take extra magnesium when I travel because it really helps me to handle the radiation better it also has a protective effect on the nervous system for the effects of EMS and it will help keep you regular so added bonus there especially when.

It comes to traveling let’s see in addition to magnesium if you’re like me and you tend to have an allergic reaction to EMF take some benadryl with you that.

Can also really help your sleep but for me in particular it sort of helps to dilate everything because I tend to get racing heart and palpitations as well as tightness in the chest amongst other things but that’s.

Somewhat of an allergic reaction for me and so having benadryl on hand for when things get worse I can take that and I feel a little bit better although it does make.

So it’s something that I try not to take during the day sunshine and shoes so get your sunshine you may have noticed I’m not wearing sunglasses right now and I’m trying to do that less and less just because the sunlight that comes in through the photo sub photoreceptors in our eyes it’s very important for a wide array.

Of biological processes in the body and then walking barefoot on the grass as long as.

Been sprayed with pesticides it’s a great way to get grounded or just walking barefoot on the beach if.

You’re by the beach or even just by the pool take your shoes off food so a lot of us who have EHS probably have.

Some other sensitivities as well I have some food allergies and I’m also a vegan and I should say mostly plant-based sometimes I eat some vegan processed food and that’s not so good but I’m human so bring bring some supplements like hydrochloric acid and food enzymes if.

You can because it’s hard to stay on as clean of a diet especially when you’re traveling and if you take a hydrochloric acid with your meal it will help you to do a better job of digesting your food and it will also help protect you from any foodborne pathogens so it’s probably not a total feel safe but taking a hydrochloric acid supplement when you are.

Eating at a restaurant when someone else is preparing your food is just an extra step that you can take to kind of support your body’s natural processes and lastly I.

Wanted to say be present so get off your phone if you have EHS you are probably already reducing your your technology time but especially on vacation you know it’s interesting being here and kind of seeing how so many people are wrapped up in their technologies as of late last night there was one lady in.

The pool and she was on her phone I think it looked like she was watching videos I hope hopefully my youtube channel right and learning but it looked like she was watching videos for like the whole time she was in there which was like an hour so you know put your phone down.

And and look around you this reminds me of that meme that’s been.

Going around where this person says she saw someone sitting in a restaurant or at a coffee shop or whatever didn’t have a phone or a laptop and.