Kara Beauty Pallettes… Morphe Dupe??

Hey YouTube this you see you back again with a video for the affordable but is it worth it I actually got four different items here that when I looked at them when I was ordering from I Kate House which I can’t house calm it looked oddly similar to some other palaces I shower policy look all these similar to.

Other palettes and I was like look so familiar you know I was like these look almost like morphe palettes and I was thinking could these be dupes for more free pilots and so I decided to.
Buy them just to test them out there $12.

House website which the morphe palace I think are twice that they might be a little bit more if we actually go to that they’re actually their own website which is cara cara cara Beauty and one of the palettes it says how it looks with a front card Beauty this one’s kind of beat up kind of and this is the colors in a palette like as you can see there’s Michael why Maria colors in here this is.
The ES 11 palette this is the ES 2 palette which looks almost similar.

Little bit different this is the yes 12 palette you can see the colors I think all of.

These are shimmers it doesn’t really.

Well as shimmer Shirin on camera but you get to kind of see the shimmer and.

What I said I was – yes well and.

This one is the yes for which looks almost similar to it yes 12 but with some different shades you look reminiscent to the Murphy’s 35 poets.

Weights preceding one two three four.

Six which they have exactly the same amount of shades and look I am going to do and I look I’m.

Going to do is going to be from this yes – palette I want to do some I love purple so I do some Purple’s like this purple or this purple for the crease I’m not like the top and I want to try.

Gonna cut cases I’m gonna try to do it with where is peachy pink color here all right so.

Let’s get it done okay so white a bit you can see there is some pigment on the brush I’m supposed to see if it’ll go well on the eyes yeah I forgot what the name of it that I.

Was saying but um transition shade is well as they you know so just Pat and mr. Glee just uh wind it up you just want to get a small brush to put that was your.

Dude I’m gonna do this purple better get I like this purple we gonna forgot salary to my face beforehand you know wish it showed as good on camera as it does in the mirror better go try to cut the crease and it cut the crease i’m using the crayon case.

Concealer number three yes there by a shade which I’ve hit pan it’s the only half of a hit pan on to my makeup only thing because this is really good for cut pieces can you lyric on the colors I use also for my brows you just want to touch up the purple and a little bit on the creeks just bring back.

The definitions like assume that I go to cook cases and we just use this to kind of brighten up that highlight well I like that it’s not too much follow up just a little bit with a weight but that won’t really matter I’m just gonna dust.

That off and at that site what’s this one cherie pinky one you know guys are busy they shall repay.

Q1 a bit Oh far out more than the other ones I don’t know who can see it if we’re to finish the rest of my eyes I’ll.

Come back and tell you way to think about this pallet any other place I saw back.

I put water and the lashes and also did a look this is the final look for the photo.

Palette so my response to the Affordable but is it worth it if you don’t want to spend the whole what is what thirty dollars or something like that on the walk.

Repellents if you want to spend half off then I guess it would be worth it.

Because there is good pigment as you can see like it doesn’t show but that much on my camera but literally when I look at a mirror you.

Can see that light peachy pink oh my oh my lids you might be see on the camera but I don’t know but it is pigmented it is $12.99 on I Kate house I don’t have a code or anything like that.

But I absolutely love that website and I buy a lot.

Of things from there often I heard about it through too.

She like Cheyenne she uses it she used it in the video before reviewing a product and I looked at it was like oh my gosh just so God said.

They have half lashes they have Foundation it’s just like the whole beauty supply store right there and he always have sales matter of fact when I first used it.

They had like a 15% off Sam for your first order at 25% off and one time I caught out a 45% off her lashes they have a lot of lashes that doll lashes up to full mink lashes these lashes are actually from my friend decked-out beauty check them out on Instagram and Facebook that out beauty I’ll link them in the description all the products I use to.

My face you can check it out on my Instagram which I’ll have that somewhere and yeah these palettes are very much worth it if you don’t want to splurge on morphe.

Palette which market movie palace like that much but half off of that is still pretty good and so if you liked the video please like and subscribe I’m trying to grow my channel it’s my site you subscribe to my channel and stay sweet guys bye.