Snap Fitness Woodstock Workout Of The Week 11.4.18

Can see from different direction position step back deal over the floor try the front leg step back get back get down right in all you’re only going to need one thing for this and that’s going to be a kettlebell right those of you who haven’t seen the kettlebells the rights stored right.

There in that synergy rather than that little ledge right there above the plates some kettlebells in there.

If there’s one if none of those are heavy enough for you you can always do this with a dumbbell as well ok so we’re gonna do two movements we’re gonna do something called a goblet squat and we’re gonna do something called a cowbell swing.

Ok so I’m gonna just go ahead and ascribe those super-easy goblet squat you’re gonna hold the.

Weight of your chest and you’re gonna do a squat so it’s basically like a front squat so I will go.

Ahead and demo that for you guys goblets want you to take this kettlebell bring it up to your chest holding that way then elbows are tucked in and it’s actually on my chest right it’s not holding it out holding it on your chest and you’re just gonna squat all the way down to the bottom all the way back up all the way down all the way.

Back up alright pretty simple squat but back knees up knees all the way out make sure you drive your butt back all the way it should be under heels and again just from the side put your chest butt back open up those knees all the weights on your heels alright so that’s the first.

Movement the second movements going to be something called a kettlebell swing now there is a ton of variations you can.

Do for a kettlebell swing what we’re going to do is just kind of a normal standard calomel swing two hands are on the kettlebell alright this is.

Going to be a movements going to use all of.

Your head alright it’s just going to be a swaying.

Motion almost you’re driving your hips forward.

To make the kettlebell come out as the.

Cobell comes back in you’re bringing your hips slightly back the key your chest up alright you’re just driving with your hips right I’m not using my arms at all it is all in my hips squeezing my butt.

For squeezing my butt in and driving those hips all the way through holy ecstatic right.

Just trying to get up till about your chest all right make sure when you’re coming down we’re not doing eight like a real pinch kettlebell where I’m going to let my chest come down all right I want to keep my chest up for this one okay.

Pretty simple so that’s going to be ten goblet squats 10 kettlebell swings nine goblet squats nine kettlebell swings all the way down to one so ten nine eight seven six five four three two one I’m going to start with the goblet squats do 10 of those then 10 swings nine 9 eight 8 all the way down to 1 alright make sure.

You guys are able to knock it out of the park if you guys.

Have any questions send me a message on social.

Media you’re more than happy to help you guys out.

Alright guys get after it you.