Snap Fitness Woodstock Workout Of The Week 11.4.18

Would be what.

I was going to do a back squat or something like that so just a little bit narrower than that and I’m gonna step back with a foot alright so we’ll step back.

With my right leg all right as you guys I don’t know again if you guys can see and I’m gonna sit down to camera so you guys made a better angle but when I step back don’t go to narrow right so sometimes people will step back in there like a straight line and they lose their balance I get kind of shaky you want to step back in that same amount of width right between your two feet as you started right so if you’re in that squat width or.

A little narrower than that right hips width when you’re stepping back your foot should also be in that hip width as well okay.

From there you’re gonna lower your back knee all the way to the floor you’re gonna gently touch not slam your knee right gently touch that back knee all the way to the floor driving off that front foot you’re.

Gonna drive through your heel bring yourself all the way back up and step in right so it’s step back drop that back knee to the floor step back up drive through that front leg step back down alright pretty simple so.

What we’re gonna do with the barbell is going to put that barbell on our back and we’re gonna do that just added some weight those of you are newer at these kind of movements just do it.

With your body weight or maybe just an empty bar those of you who are a little bit more experienced I’m gonna challenge you guys so I want you guys.

Two or three warm-up sets work up to some weight that’s pretty heavy once you get that weight that’s heavy I want you to do three sets at that same weight with a 12 to 16 reps alternating reps that means right leg one come back up left leg.

Two and so forth right so alternating sixteen that’s eight each leg alternating you know twelve that’s sixty clay so if you’re newer just your body weight maybe four to five sets 12 wraps just focus.

On good form nice and control step back all the way back down all the way back up step back in nice and easy those of you are more experienced put some weight on.

The bar I would say go for three sets at the same way so you’re going to do two or three warm-up sets then three sets of at least twelve alternating reps so that’s six each side up to sixteen alternating reps that’s eight each side alright so I’m.

Gonna give you guys a little basic demo.

Hopefully you guys can see okay I’m gonna move a few different angle if you get two angles my.

Barbell going to clean that press it up it’s on my back right hands all the way out I’m looking straight in front step back bring that knee down step up drive through step all the.

Way back for alternate legs down up put that bend back down up.

Up step it right shouldn’t be fumbling if you find yourself at home leg side to side it usually means you’re stepping too narrow alright interrogates they can be a strength issue as well you know you just might have to start with your body weight and work away okay again I’m gonna give you guys another angle you guys.