Snap Fitness Woodstock Workout Of The Week 11.4.18

Hey guys Teddy here over at Snap Fitness with Woodstock for those of you guys who’ve been here before yeah I’m in the instruction room so I’ve been a pretty packed Sunday today so I got to kind of move out to the side make sure I stay out of everybody’s way a lot of times you know I see a.
Coming in and out I obviously don’t see everybody not here.

You know 24 hours a day but something I do see is I don’t see a lot of people work a lot of lower body and you know that might just be because people don’t think that you know the beams there’s enough equipment here to do that or they just need some help.

For me lower body is the most important thing to work out I work on my lower body at least three times a week and obviously that berries.

And how I do it but for me having a strong base has always been the most important thing you know you know they always say like a pyramid is only as tall as this base is wide the same thing right you can only.
Get this strong upper body is your lower body its trunk you don’t wanna be.

Those guys walking around my big upper body and those tiny little.

Weak legs that’s not that’s not how we roll right yeah you know there’s a ton of uses out there or you know a ton of reasons to have strong legs being able to function you know hang out do things also life expectancy you know leg strength plays in a big indicator and that being able to take care of yourself and you know there’s a gazillion reasons but so today.

I’m gonna give you guys an exercise that I think is pretty good you know for working at legs it’s pretty easy my opinion it might be a little hard for some people not everybody’s gonna be able to do it but for me it’s one of the definitely one of the things that I do at least twice a week and that’s gonna.

Be something called lunges so obviously we don’t have a big squat rack here but you don’t need a big squat rack right especially now we’re trying to.

Burn our legs so we’re going to use today’s beater this barbell finally the short bar you guys can see that Ryan I got some twenty fives on there for for demo Inc.

We’re gonna do something called an alternating reverse barbell lunch alright we’re not gonna use this in a mat con right when I can do this super fast generally when I’m.

Doing my work they pick one move that’s going to be my primary either strength or skill exercise you know like so back squats and then I’ll do some accessory work after that and then I’ll finish with a mat con I’m gonna show you guys today’s we’re just gonna pick one move we’re gonna do the alternating reverse barbell lunges we’re.

Gonna do some sets of that and I’ll explain what I think you guys should.

Do give you guys a demo some.

Tips and then I’ll explain what the meccans going to be after that so there’ll be one big mover you guys could come on to a few sets of reps of that if you doubt that I’m going to show you the mat con ok so again we’re.

Doing a lunge and just some real basic pointers for all what.

I see people make mistakes on is believe there are their stance they’re all the set up is all wrong right I don’t know if you guys can see right my feet are about squat a little narrower that squat squat with all right how wide my feet.