How Our Consciousness Works – Soul Fitness Ep. 13

A stronger impression so now you’re invited to a party again you know let’s say three.

Months later you invited to a party.

Again and the same thing happens from the impressions the mind I felt this way I this happened that happened and what happening what’s happening now the debate you again invited to a party right yes the debate is much less let’s say the debate is five minutes correct should I drink eight children try drinking what if I get caught and if.

You didn’t get caught the last two times debate is much less right right right right so so it gets so easy so it’s now five minutes so the intellect is less and less now in the whole loop right so it’s five minutes and you come back into the impressions and you create a stronger impression you.

Have alcohol again you create a stronger impression so this has been going on every few months till you’re 21 years old you’re outside now you’re out of the house you are no longer do this does anyone need to offer to need to offer your alcohol for you to want it now you can get it on your own you can get it on.

Your own and also remember the impressions are very strong right and so those impressions.

Keep coming up on the mind I want alcohol want alcohol correct.

And the intellect how long is the debate now but there is no debate there is no debate so instead of the remove going.

From mine to intellect to impressions to mind now.

The loop is just from mine to impressions to mind to impressions to mind to impressions the intellect is totally outside the loop mmm and so that loop that is a very.

Soul correct is where the intellect is not operating at all correct guess how much percentage of our lives we live in the mind impression loop sadly I you know sadly I believe.

High percentage of about 80% I heard 80% and so because that’s habit know and a habit that is not good for us is an addiction right and so for a soul to be healthy soul fitness yes for the soul to be foot for the soul to be healthy we have to bring.

Our reasoning our awareness or understanding or discerning or all of that or analytical ability we need to bring it back into the loop.

Excellent and that really you know and that’s how they all work together and I I think that you’ve made an excellent example I think that’s something that you know all of us here in the audience can we can relate to either if it’s food.

If it’s it’s not alcohol it may be food or just any sort of bad habit where we sort of take that element of.

Discernment out and the intellect and we.

Just live in the impressions and my mind loop and so what we need to do in order to strengthen our soul is to bring that discernment back yes.

You need to for the soul to be fit for the Soul complete soul fitness the intellect has to come back into the loop right it has to there is no other choice right and so if you don’t mind just briefly share with us maybe a small exercise or just a small example on how we can because it’s.

Not necessarily about fighting negativity yes it’s about this.

Point – and you’re directing our mindset so instead of fighting the addiction or fighting the food that’s in front of you to eat or fighting whatever your habit is so can you share with me how I can bring in the intellect back into this loop okay so in subsequent exercises I will talk a lot about how to strengthen the intellect okay but I want you to remember something you’re absolutely right it’s not about a fight I do.

Not fight there is no fight fighting to strengthen the intellect and I mentioned this before we need awareness and understanding.

Yes yeah and a simple of our awareness again a micro exercise a.

Micro Sol exercise is a simple awareness is I am a soul I am light I am eternal and so that comes from understanding and then when I have the awareness when I keep having the awareness I’m a soul I’m a luminous being the animating force of this body I am the I am light I am eternal I have strength I have power thus its power is innate to me then I keep bringing.

The intellect back into the loop I think that’s an excellent example yet again and the simplicity of of being fit because it you know for so many of us we just think oh my gosh I have a massive overhaul and it does not have.

To be massive that was just the next right step one simple micro step exactly and so just to reflect I am a soul I am eternal I am a light you know the next time you you know are maybe thinking oh I’m gonna go have another drink or oh I’m gonna have another slice of cake or whatever the Weisse maybe that’s the time to just for one second like you said to take a step back.

And just remind yourself of who you are originally is that fair to say yes yes and so just you know one of the things is about it’s not about a fight that you know you kept saying it’s not about a fight it’s not about rejecting our negativity or fighting it’s almost like you turn your back on.

It that’s very good you know you just say you know turn your back on it.

And you said this is the direction I’m going and the direction is completely dependent on the intellect and the.

Intellect is dependent on having the right understanding and the right awareness and that’s why I keep talking about this whole knowledge base so this is what you need this because we need to understand why we are doing what we are doing right that makes perfect sense Shireen I think that remembering our intellect.

And bringing the intellect into the loop between the mind the intellect and our impressions really will help strengthen.

Our ability to discern and make great decisions so thank you very much Shireen this was wonderful I think we’ve got a strong understanding now of the three components of consciousness thank you so much.